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Solving Captchas At $0.7 Per 1000 Captcha Solved!

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Fast & Stable

Our captcha solver service is built with the goal of providing its users a tool that adds value to their application's output time. Which means your applications will never go slow with us.

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State of the Art

Our captcha solver system is one of the best captcha solving Optical Character Recognition service platform. Solving captchas at 100% code based computer programmed system and 0% human solving team.

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Easy Integration

Our system is very easy to implement and allows you to solve ANY captchas presented. All you need to do is implement our API, pass us your CAPTCHA images and we'll return the answer in TEXT. It's that easy!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our service is designed to solve any captcha challenges as fast as possible and maintaining its high accuracy. Captcha Solutions captcha solver system solves captchas within 3 to 10 seconds with an accuracy rate of 97% success solving!

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Captcha Solutions Now Officially Supports audio AUDIO [.mp3], Google's ReCaptcha, and Text Captcha Types. Please See Our API Documentation.