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Prosperity for the rest of us By Steven Erlick

Today the term prosperity has been debased and relates only to having lots of money and things. It is used in a dark Ahrimanic way, often unknowingly. In short it is given a very evil meaning associated with material gain. Even in alternative / new age circles it is frequently associated with manifesting material things. I have never felt comfortable with this approach and see it contrary to a spiritual understanding of prosperity.

Donít get me wrong, itís not that I am opposed to money, itís just that money needs to be seen in a wider socio economic context. Only then can we find out what is blocking our prosperity. Money is a gigantic con trick. It is not a neutral energy that can be used for good or bad. Money in society as it is presently organised has been created by the banks as debt and is effectively sold to us in the form of interest. If you donít believe me try getting a loan without paying interest. We are then encouraged to spend it on things we usually do not need. Consumer society encourages us to borrow and to spend. It really annoys me how controlled we all are by the mass media shaping our tastes in clothes, food, cars, music and gadgets.

That personal debt levels in the UK is astronomical are evidence of this process in action. Many people can not make ends meet because of loans and credit card repayments. Personal bankruptcies are creeping up. All this is happening in a period of relative boom. We have all been remorselessly encouraged to borrow and spend. When the economy goes into recession like the early 1990s there is going to be a lot of suffering.

If your personal financial situation is getting a bit heavy, itís time to make a change in your life. There are many ways to get out of debt and people should go to their local Citizens Advice Bureau as a first port of call. But beyond that there is a spiritual dimension to getting out of debt. There are ways to stop the relentless psychological harassment of the debt collectors who try to hook into your aura. One of the easiest ways is close your chakras down and imagine yourself surrounded by white light. By shedding debt and protecting yourself from the consumerist propaganda and nasty thought forms, you make it easier to start the process of becoming free.

The important point to remember is that prosperity can only be achieved if blockages are removed. One of the biggest of these is debt. If you think about it, it is no accident that debt on bank statements has a minus sign before it signifying negativity. So if you are in permanent overdraft or credit card debt you are operating on the dark side all your life. Thatís why the banks like it so much because they are making money in the form of interest.

Curiously debt and consumerism is actually a blessing in disguise as it can enable people to step outside of the existing paradigm. Once you can not afford to buy things and you can not get any credit for it, you have to look at other alternatives. Itís in this space that real prosperity can evolve. You are forced to do things that do not require money. It may be personal growth, education, sport, writing or music. It does not matter what, as long as it is authentic to you. You will do things in a new way as well. For example you may join a LETS scheme and trade your skills or set up a community food co-op. You may also decide to barter services you offer. All these sorts of activities will help to make your life more financially friendly.

Itís a bit like a shamanic death, you get buried in debt and then awake debt free! Spiritually speaking it is a transformation from present day 3rd dimensional living based on greed, gain and possessions into 4th dimensional living encompassing joy, freedom and creativity.

Prosperity then is not about having money and things. It is about a state of mind and being that means that you can go forward with your life, in a way that is comfortable and right for you, without restrictions. It is about being true to your inner self. By it very nature the Ahrimanic definition of prosperity precludes the vast majority of people who do not have lots of money. I like to use the term prosperity for the rest of us. When I say for the rest of us, I suppose I am including anyone who is struggling with money issues.

© Steven Erlick 2005

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