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Job and Life Rules to Follow By Marilyn Tellez

  1. Decide which game to play. Is winning that important all of the time?

  2. Jump in, ready or not. Take risks, you may not be able to tomorrow.

  3. Keep on truckin'. You know the highway, keep up with the flow.

  4. Grab opportunities. Can you recognize one or are you always thinking about it?

  5. No excuses allowed. Of course not, don't whine either.

  6. Ignore naysayers. They don't know any more than you do.

  7. Never personalize. It's just a game, your next boss may be around the corner.

  8. Whistle while you work!

  9. Don't yell fire when you're downsized.

  10. Smiling helps a lot.

By: Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Career Coach
email is: marilyn@doitnowcareers.info
web is: www.doitnowcareers.info

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