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Making Millions With A Website

The biggest
question that I have ever encountered when this internet fad was still new and
young in my country was, Is there really money in it? The question applies not
to the Internet Service Providers but to the users, the so called internet
“savvy” individuals. The question was never answered, at least not until I
acquired some technical knowledge and know how on what’s a website and actually
made one.

At first I
figured out the ways of internet marketing where advertisers could get lots of
$$$ per month for just a single banner or a single text link. But that doesn’t
stop there. There are also these sites that offer services for free at the first
trial but with a fee for succeeding tries. One good example is the site I took
ideas from and was inspired upon, EzineArticles.com.
It is an article directory site where ezine operators could get free contents.
Yes, free to reprint but for authors seeking exposure you have to pay an amount
for your articles to be published, well at least its free for the first

Then there
are sites that actually pay users who do a certain task, they are call “PT”
(Paid To) sites. Among these sites are PTC (Paid to Click) sites which is
similar or if not one with PTR (Paid to Read) sites. These sites pay you a certain amount
by clicking a banner or a link from an email sent to you. Next, we have the
paid survey sites where you fill in surveys and get paid. All these sites are
like mushrooms sprouting like crazy. But only one thing is sure, whether users get
paid or not what’s sure is that, the ones getting the bigger share of the money
are the webmasters operating these PT sites. My advice to those who are
interested in joining these sites is to be very careful because most of them,
but not all are just scam sites trying to let you do all those thousands of
clicks and pay you with nothing but air.

Those I
mentioned were just a few of the facts I knew that one can really make money
out of the internet. The single fact that I now know and benefited from was the
fact that one can earn much out from the net if you have a website.

Once you
have a website you could promote it by either signing up for those pay per
click advertising or those commission affiliation programs. Pay per click
affiliation is great but only if your website offers great content for users to
keep coming back and be interested in clicking those ads. Google Adwords
program is one and the best example for these kinds of affiliations. There are
also commission affiliation programs like Commission Junction or cj.com where
in you get a % of what they earn if the costumer comes from the banner or
advertisement displayed in your site.

Above all
always remember although a nice income is really possible to have in the
internet, it’s never that easy to get, you have to work for it and even fail a
hundred times before getting the right formula for a great site.


Prialde is the owner and webmaster of http://www.isnare.com
a free articles directory site. You can reach him via email at glenn@isnare.com

Glenn Prialde
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