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7 Tips to Increase Your Linking Campaign Rate by 300% Easily

During the current article I will share with you some
tips and I will show you how you can:

1. Boost Your Link Popularity,
2. Drive Targeted Prospects to Your Products for Free,
3. Improve Your Search Engines Rankings,
4. Get the Most From Your Time!

Let's get started!

Many people are underestimating one of the biggest traffic driver - beside search engines. You probably do.

Did you know that your link popularity is responsible of 54% of your traffic?

Instead, over than half of your prospects will hear about you from other sites they visit!

Incoming links to your website are that important!

The number on incoming links to your website -- called your link popularity -- is vital for the future of your online business.

Plus, more customers find your web site through links than through the search engines... So you get a double traffic bonus through linking strategies.

Let me please show you why.

Here it is...

5 Years ago the major search engines realized that the most effective way to decide if your website has valuable content - and is therefore worth a high ranking - is to see how many other websites link to your site.

The Google search engine (to name one) is depending on this data.

Let's face it.

The #1 key to top search engine positioning today doesn't involve title tags or any other type of meta tags.

These all parameters are constantly changing... But there is ONE formula in the search engines algorithms that will last forever... It is your link popularity!

Almost major search engines such as Google and Yahoo look primarily at your link popularity to determine your rank.

"Boost Link Popularity = Targeted Traffic on the long run"

And here are few of major search engines that rely on link popularity: Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, AltaVista, AOL, HotBot and MSN.


How to Boost Your Link Popularity?

The key to grow your incoming links network is Quality rather than quantity of referring web sites.

Let me explain.

It is far more rewarding for you to place your link into one busy site than into hundreds or thousands of small sites.

So you need to do some research work before you proceed any further.

And don't worry! Here you will find a simple tool that will perform the research for you. So you don't have to browse the Internet on your own!

Let's recap!

1. You have to create your own "directory" of sites within your niche.

2. You have to select the most valuable sites to get a huge boost both in traffic and in search engine ranking.

3. You Don't Want Passive Links!

Passive links sit in poor locations waiting for Net users to click on them. Why do you need to place hundreds links to your site that drive almost no traffic?

Because this will cost you both money and time. And it is absolutely useless for you!

On the other hand, One "active" link placed in a trafficked location will out produce hundreds other links. It is worth the work of seeking out such valuable locations around the Web.

It is a matter of the highest output -- Please, always get the most of your invested time and money and no less. Period.

Here are seven additional tips to work on before you start your link campaigns:

1. Do not bother to solicit a link from a framed site, since their PageRank is not reliable.

2. Make sure you share the same key words as your link partner.

3. Make sure your website looks professional.

4. Make sure there are no broken links on your website.

5. Make sure there are no more than 10 outbound links on your web page.

6. Find the contact details for the owner of the website.

7. Use their contact form or submission form to contact the webmaster.

And much more information and tips on the website.

Warmest regards,
Mouloud Siaci

Learn How to Get 300% in Linking Positive Answers and
Locate the Most Valuable Sites to Place Your Shortcuts!
With ONE Easy-to-use Software.

To request the download link, send a blank email to:
Mouloud Siaci
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