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Life is Full of Rehearsed Habits! By Peter Haahr Hansen

Life is full of rehearsed habits! Some of them are bad and some of them are good. So are the choices we make. Fundamentally, I believe that the choices we make will form our lives in a negative or positive direction. Every choice we make has a consequence for tomorrow and further ahead.

We have the ability in us to choose and create our future. This ability is individually gifted and every individual can do the impossible! Every person in this world is an influence in one way or another. And we all are influenced by others.

To create a good life I believe that you need to first and foremost make right and good decisions. You need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say that you did it with integrity and only for the good. We all have to make difficult choices where we are not in control of what will happen, and that is good! We are not gods! We donít have to know everything, because we will not know everything, thatís a fact. Maybe we think we do, well I have news for you then, thatís a lie! But I believe if we act with good and positive intension's when we make choices this world will be a better place.

Many people only make decisions based on the ďnowĒ feelings, but is that good? Feelings are a nice thing but if we act on feelings all the time then the world will go mad, if it is not already. We need to act with integrity and compassion towards others.

The friends that we have and the people that surround us will determine who we are and what kind of life we have. We have the ability to find good friends. But good relationships just donít come overnight. We need to work on it. It is hard but the fruits are the best in life!

You and I can have a good life and see our dreams come through because of the right choices. The power of a dream is powerful and you should dream. This world needs dreamers and people who are acting on it! You have such a great future ahead of you and you can do the impossible. I pray that the great potential in you will be released. God bless you.

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