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Don't THROW it Away...GIVE it Away!

Don't Throw it Away...Give it Away!
Build your business and increase your volume by giving away FREE samples of your product.
Frank Walker II www.CareerFrustrated.com

I know I'm not alone when I say that I have spent a FORTUNE trying to drive customers to my website! If it's not Pay per click advertising, it's a marketing company promising you 10,000 hits with hypothetical 1% return rate (I'm still waiting on that 1%!!)

So I finally figured out how to advertise effectively and not spend a fortune throwing away advertising dollars: GIVE YOUR PRODUCT AWAY!

That's Right! This method finally hit home when I was given a FREE can of the new Low Carb Coke (I think it's C2?) I thought to myself, "What a logical way to build excitement about your product! Just give it away!" In addition to building excitement and getting your product out in the public, you are also availing yourself of a nice tax break because your product becomes your advertising method, which is usually tax deductible, and you are building Personal Volume when you purchase more products to advertise with!

So, before you Throw Away your hard earned profits to an unknown company promising to submit your site to 10,000 search engines (really, can anyone name over 10 VALID search engines? How about 10,000?), or $100 for a newspaper ad or pay-per-click campaign, invest in your business by purchasing more of your own product and GIVING it Away to Prospects and interested customers and watch your business grow!

P.S - If your company neither offer products packaged for sampling nor does your company pay commissions on your samples, then you might want to take a look at www.CareerFrustrated.com to see how its done!

Frank Walker II
JGO, Inc.
412-401-1764 (c)
580-431-2953 (vm)
Did you Jgo Today?
Get a FREE 3 Day Sample Today!

Copyright 2004 CareerFrustrated.com
Frank Waker
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