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Protection Against People With Evil Intentions Towards You

Imagine having a new colleague who seems so nice that you feel suspicious about her motives. To be on the safe side, you decided to test her by inviting her to your house for tea. She started sneezing the moment she entered your house. Before tea, she complained about having a stomachache. She left early for home due to a severe headache. Confirmed! She has evil intentions!"

Above is just an exaggerated example. However, Chinese Feng Shui believes that by placing a pair of Fu Dogs (also known as Temple Lions) on either side of your main door (outside the house), those who have evil intentions towards you will feel uncomfortable whenever they enter your house. It will also protect you from these people. Try it! The best part is these Fu Dogs are really interesting home decor for your entrance. Most house entrance is plain and boring. Having these dogs will highlight your front door/main gate and lift it to a grand looking entrance. If you can't imagine what it'll look like, go rent a Chinese film/series.

Fu Dogs should come in a pair (male and female). The one with a ball in its mouth is a male. From inside looking out, the male Fu Dog should be placed on the right side of the entrance while the female Fu Dog on the other side. If your front door is exposed to sunlight and rain, do get those Fu Dogs carved with high resistant materials such as bronze.


Michele Lum (michele@ideastoenhancehome.com) is the founder and CEO of Ideas To Enhance Home, a site full of tips and ideas on how to enhance your home for better life in health, business, romance, children and security just by placing interesting home decors and setting up simple systems.

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Michele Lum
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