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Strength In Numbers By Josh Hinds

There is great strength in numbers. Actively looking to include others in our own success is one way that will increase our level of achievement. This does not only apply if we're in business for ourselves. It reaches deep into many other areas of life as well.

Perhaps you're a student. You know that a class is going to be particularly hard. Given this scenario you have two options don't you?

One, you could go it alone and study as hard as you can or two you could choose to form a study group. In the group you have the advantage of learning from each other. Suddenly your knowledge is multiplied by the number of people that are in the group. Now that my friend is strength in numbers.

Lets take the example of business. Suddenly I have this excellent idea, I assure myself that it will be a success, but am afraid that if I share it with others it might be stolen from me (or no one will like the idea).

So I decide to go it alone. I end up spending valuable hours making the same progress that might have come faster had I looked for help in the first place. Notice I'm not saying you necessarily have to consider taking on a partner or giving the idea away.

Rather I say look for others to help you in your efforts. People will help if we simply ask. It is worth noting though that we need to be careful of those that we ask for help.

When I first set out on the adventure of starting my motivational community site and newsletter. I would ask just about anyone what they thought of my idea. Was it doable I would ask.

In my heart I knew that it was. However, some of the folks that I asked doubted the idea (note: it wasn't me they doubted just the idea). Upon looking back on it now I see that what they were basing their decision on was whether or not they believed they could do it, not whether or not it could be done.

So we really need to be careful of the people we choose to lead us in the direction of our goals. In many cases we'll find that it is not that the person doubts our abilities but rather that they doubt their own ability to make the idea work and as such assume it's not a good one.

Get advice from people who have done similar things. Make it a point to get a second opinion. Second opinions can lead us to new insights that we may not have originally noticed.

Here's to your success, Josh Hinds

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