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Steps Toward Professionalism By Prince Ben Mohammed

A professional is someone who is willing to learn new skills and sharpening existing ones at any moment in life. A committed professional command more respect than a casual one.


Your attitude matters in every profession you find yourself, as this is a factor that will determine how far you will be in that profession or career. As a professional, let people know about your service.


Looking nice is another factor that will determine how far your customers or clients will relate with you in terms of transacting business. Your appearance will draw attention to you. This is the major factor why people in the banking, accounting, and marketing professions e.t.c command more respect and attention. As a professional, your health, car, clothing and every other area of your life must command respect from people. Your clients will sure relate financial success with your competence.


Plan your presentations and always be brief, concise and choose your kind of words.


This is a factor that will build confidence in the minds of your customers. Let all your activities be well organized. Diligent in follow-up and be prepare to answer any question.


There are literally thousand of people in your area who need and deserve your service. Always promote your business among people you come in contact with.


Don’t take advantage of your customers, as this will deprive you from future benefits. Be honest and fair in dealing with them as one honest job will lead to a thousand other jobs.

Prince Ben Mohammed is award winning author, motivational speaker and publisher. He is the author of the best selling book "SUCCESS IS NOW! PROVEN STEPS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE." Prince Ben dedicates his life to helping people attaining greatness in life. For more information about his books, articles, seminars, call: 2348037383767 or Email usmanbashiru@yahoo.com


I want to share with you four simple steps that will transform your life from rejection to celebration. These are the same steps I used to achieve dreams of my life from becoming award winning author, motivational speaker and publisher.

Your desire to achieve success in life should be a consuming passion to be the best you can be, achieving your potential through God’s word. Your act of heroic courage graced with the cardinal virtues is important here. No man can answer for his courage, which has not been in danger or faced a challenge in life. There is no testimonial without a test and triumph or victory comes only after a trial.

True success in life can only be achieved by being disciplined, steady and constant in holding to right principles. In other words, you must observe the laws of success; then find a need and fill it in order to make the world a better place to the glory of God. A life without a purpose is useless and having a purpose to achieve is not enough to transform your life from rejection to celebration, but the determination you put to it is what give that purpose a value. Successful achievements can only be achieved through constancy to purpose in life. That is the reason why "achievers begin where others quit”. Prince Ben said.

Another step you need to transform your life from rejection to celebration is to have faith in almighty God, even though you cannot understand and know the depth and height of God whom you serve. On-the-surface information about Jesus is not enough. Get to know know Him better. Go beyond superficiality. Do not stay on the fence. God made us to realize that will can do all things through Him, and He is going to supply all our needs and desires as long as we abide and work diligently according to His word. You must study and believe the word of God without questioning, doubting, or being cynical. Look at yourself and around you. God is real. It is a matter of belief; not sight; of faith; not reasoning; of prayer; not research. As St Paul said " His grace is enough for us." God remains the same yesterday, today and forever. As long as we can come to Him in prayers, with an open, meek and repentant heart. He is ready and ever willing to answer our prayers.

As Eleanor Roovelt rightly noted " The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dream." If you sincerely wish to transform your life from rejection to celebration, why not strive hard to make it. All your good dreams and visions shall come to pass through sincere hard work. Dr Henry Thomas says," Great men and women keep their sight high, they think ahead; followers devote their thinking to routine task." Yet, the worsted in the human vocation is the idle brains and minds, which utterly become the devil workshop. Always acknowledge God in all your ways and He will direct your path in the right way. The lives of many successful men and women bear testimony to this truth. Approach all your dreams in life with seriousness and sincerity: - avoid evil ways of achieving success; shun bad ways and forswear evil; don't let your eyes depart from your Godly vision and calling.

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