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Maintain Focus to Achieve Real Success! By Paul Duxbury

I think maintaining “focus" is probably one of the most important and the most difficult "challenges" we face when running an online business and trying to establish what will make us successful. Especially when you consider how many different opportunities we are bombarded with each and every day that can so easily distract us from what we are trying to achieve.

One of the tactics that I have found works is to be very clear about what I am doing and ensuring that what I am doing right now is contributing to the achievement of my vision/goals. So each time we do some work on our business we need to ask ourselves “What is it contributing to the achievement of my goals?” If my goal for this week is to make let's say £1,000 then is what I am doing right now helping me to achieve that or am I doing things because I enjoy them and they are actually adding nothing? Do you have a list of tasks which will lead to the achievement of your goal for today/this week/this month etc? If you don’t then what are you actually going to achieve this during this period? Will you succeed or will you end the period feeling frustrated because despite keeping busy you have not achieved?

So, just by way of example, if you spend hours and hours posting to forums are you absolutely certain that is contributing to the achievement of your goals? Do you do it to increase your profile and drive potential buyers/partners etc to your website; is it to help you learn, is it because you like to help others or is it a way of avoiding doing something i.e. the age old enemy of invention (action) called procrastination? If someone asked you to "justify" what you are doing (assuming you are doing something related to your business!) right now in terms of the achievement of your goal for today/this week/this month would you be able to?

A friend of mine has a framed set of his goals on his desk (which is a desk he uses purely for his online business)with the picture of the boat he wants to buy when he is successful! Every time he feels that he is starting to get distracted he looks at that framed set of goals and the boat and asks himself - is what I am doing right now going to get me on that boat?

Now that's what I call focus.

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