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The Secret to Success – Create Dream Teams! By Joe Kahler

The challenge is finding the right people to help you accomplish your goals. Gathering a successful team is not only helpful, but essential. In school, you had mentors, advisors, club leaders, fellow students, teachers, etc., to help you accomplish your goals of getting good grades and eventually graduating from school. The only difference now is finding the right teammates to match your future goals. You will be looking for bankers, financial planners, real estate agents, or business people associated with your line of work. Have a team member for every aspect of your future goals and dreams. You don’t have to know everything, you just need to find the right people that do and have them on your team!

  • Seek out those individuals that logically fit into the specific team you are forming. For example, if you are going to begin investing in real estate you would want a banker, real estate agent, mortgage broker, to name a few. If you are forming a bowling team it doesn’t have to be so specific! Then begin to interview for the players you want on your teams.

  • Check the person’s interest level. Arrange a face-to-face conversation, and try to gauge his or her sincerity to the best of your ability as it relates to your goals and direction.

  • Check the prospect’s responses. A response tells you a lot about someone’s integrity, character, and skills.

  • Check results. Are they successful in their particular field? Do they understand what you are trying to accomplish and are going to support you?

  • Find a successful mentor for each team you form. For example, if you are going to start an Internet business, talk to, or get information from people who are already successful in that field. Don’t ask “Uncle Joe” if he has never done an Internet business. He may tell you all the reasons why he thinks it’s a bad idea, i.e. a friend of his was in an Internet business and lost all his money. That would be like going to an auto mechanic to ask about what the best stock to buy!
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