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87 Cents Can Buy You a Million Dollar Idea By Gary Simpson

How many times have you been driving down the highway or sitting in your vehicle at a set of traffic lights when you've had a brilliant idea flash into your head? Maybe it was inspired by something you have seen or a song that has come onto the radio. Maybe the thought just popped into your head from somewhere unknown. Divine inspiration? No worries. You'll remember it, won't you?

Have you ever been drifting off to sleep in that euphoric state of peacefulness when one of those moments hits you? Boink! Into your receptive mind pops a marvelous idea. You think to yourself "no problem, I'll act on that in the morning. Gee what a great idea!" Morning comes and guess what happens? That's right. You forget.

Worry not. There is a solution to all these moments. 87 cents will buy you a small notebook and a matching pencil that will fit into your pocket or purse. Jotting down a few key words will be just enough to jog your memory so that you will remember. It's a bit like using a small quantity of water to prime a pump to get more water.

Now those amazing ideas that pop into your head can be preserved. Your potential million dollar idea can stay alive for a mere 87 cents.

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