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Feng Shui - How to Enhance Sectors That Affect Your Career And Success By Judy Gunderson

Because of the current conditions of our economy, I felt that this would be an appropriate article to write that might be able to help you with your career prospects. I receive many emails from people that are either looking for work, starting a new business or wanting to change to a different job.

There are at least three sectors in your home that can apply to your career. The first one is pretty obvious - the North, being your career sector. The other two may or may not help you with this depending upon your individual needs. One is the NW which is the Mentors Sector and the other is the South which is your Fame and Recognition Sector.

For this article we are going to focus on the North part of your home or office, which is your Career Sector and should be activated properly. First, it needs to be said that if the North Sector of your house is a bedroom, activate the North corner of your Living Room instead.

Clear the Clutter. The first thing that you need to make sure of is that there is no clutter in this area. Remember, clutter is said to block the flow of positive chi, which we definitely do not want to happen in an area as important as this!

Choose Your Colors Wisely. The element for the North is water, so it is important that the colors in this area reflect that element. Water element colors are blue, hues of blue, black and gray. Look around the North part of your home or office … what colors are the most overwhelming there? If you have metallic colors there, such as bronze, white, silver and gold, this will also enhance the area because the Metal Element supports the Water Element. Do you have brown, beige or yellow colors in a large amount here? If so… see what you can do about changing that, because those are Earth Element colors which does not support the Water Element!

Object Placement in the North Sector. It is important what pictures and objects that you have in this sector as they are said to directly influence your career. If you have a lot of ceramic items in this area, move them to an Earth Element sector such as the NE, SW or your Good Luck Sector.

Here are some ideas of items that you can place in this area that represent Career and/or the Water Element.

One of the best items you can have in this area would be photos or objects depicting water.

An aquarium, with fresh clean water is a great item to have here.

Water fountains are also said to be enhancers of this area.

A picture or figurine of an eagle in full flight is an excellent symbol of success, strength, power and authority. Always have an eagle flying or perched on a tree do not show one looking fierce and predatory.

Galloping horses represent success and your career taking off!

Because of their symbolism of wisdom, Elephants are good items to have in the Career Sector

A depiction of a turtle is an excellent object to have in your career sector. A live turtle is great as well.

Sailing ships are said to be very auspicious in the North to enhance your career. One that has its sails up is best. Stay away from representations of rowboats or pontoons. Sailing ships can be further enhanced by placing I-Ching coins and/or ingots on them.

Other Career Tips:

Bathroom in the North - If your bathroom is in the North Sector of your home, close the door to the toilet and keep it closed at all times. If this is a second bathroom, try to use it as infrequently as possible. Lillian Too suggests that placing a large boulder in your bathroom will help to press down on the bad chi caused by the toilet. If the bathroom does not take up the whole North Sector of your home, you may place items and decorate outside of the bathroom. Also, you can use the North corner of your Living room to activate your Career.

Bedroom in the North. If your bedroom is in the North Sector of your home, it is better to not do anything here to activate it. Use the North corner of your living room instead.

Dragon in the East. The dragon is one of the four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui and is the animal of the East. They can be placed almost anywhere in your home, but I would at least have one in the East. The dragon is considered "All Powerful" and is said to bring about wealth, prosperity, power, protection, great success, good luck and abundance. If you have a dragon that is holding or protecting a round object, that is said to be the Pearl of Life and symbolizes wisdom and great achievement. They do not belong in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Phoenix in the South. Placing a phoenix symbol in the south is said to symbolize opportunities that lead to success and prosperity. Do not display the phoenix AND dragon in this area, as they are for your SW sector. Roosters and Peacocks are also very appropriate for this area.

What is your KUA Number? Don’t forget about activating your Personal Development sector according to the PaKua for your KUA number in a room that you spend a lot of time in, such as a bedroom, living room or office.

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