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Problems the Way of Achievments By Naresh Kumar

In our life, we all encounter many problems, Some problems are big challenges and some are small. I want to share a true story of Mr. Smith with you.

Around five years ago, Mr. Hansie Smith was working as a web designer in a medium-small Incorporation located in North California. He had very good skills in photoshop, flash and Html. His salary was not much, but his life and work were going very smoothly.

Suddenly He got a new project. In this project he had to connect php with flash, and make total administration panel in php. But the problem was, he hadn`t worked in php before. So he requested the manager to give project to other employee, but manager denies and said, this project was essential for the company reputation, and Mr. Smith alone had to complete it within 15 days.

Now Mr. Smith was in great depression, He was not aware of php and he has to make a full admin in php. He may had to resign. if he failed, because this project was essential for company`s reputation. The only hope for him is that he was very good in flash.

Next day he started working in the project and initialize some research in php. Till the time of office close, he hadn`t got any success. He become more depressed and decided to work for five hour extra per day.

Then he work for five days without any success. He was in the dilemma whether he can do this project or not. But from sixth day he got some good feeling in project. He worked very hard. But, unfortunately He was not able to complete the work in 15 days.

Luckly he got some more time from the client. By the long hours of hard work and prespiration, he was able to complete the work in 18 days.

This project was proved the milestone for Mr. Smith`s life. His firm`s turnover exceed 10 million dollar. Also his salary increased three times.

What we got from above story? The answer is bigger problem gives us bigger opportunity in the life. In other words, The problems or we can say challanges are the ways to get achivements in life. For biggest achievment find biggest problem around yourself.

So friend, don`t give up to problem, but see the opportunity behind problem and go to achieve it.

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