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Interview With A Webmaster!

My interview with Michael Duff; Webmaster of SeekAndPromote.biz

How did SeekAndPromote.biz get started?
Well. One day while I was drunk.........no not really. I started as a clicker and thought that running a sight might be a learning experience. I knew I wouldn't get rich but that I would learn alot about html and other computer programming things so I took my life savings and tossed it in. I saw so many dishonest sites and wanted to bring honesty back into ptr or at least try.

What other paidtoreademail are you a member of?
I am a member of many sites. At one time I clicked on over 100 sites and learned the hard way how to pick the winners and losers. I try to stick to the $3. to $5. cashout sites that generally send search only. Any site sending low paying search links with this size cashout are a sure paying site. Sites that say no search or send hi paying links are either destined to fail or planned from the start not to pay you. These are the sites I belong to with my ref link (just incase you care to join one lol) A couple are high cashout ones but have reliable webmasters.


What is the largest number of referrals you have in a program?

Right now I have over 350 in a failing site that I no longer click in anymore. Actually I think it disappeared with the rest (NoFlashJustCash) but of the sites listed above my largest and average is 33 total with 14 first level.

What is the most bizarre question you have received from SeekAndPromote.biz?
Where is the cashout button? What are points worth (there are no points). A member who just joined wrote 5 minutes later asking where his referrals were. Pretty much "normal" questions. Got a good crowd at SeekAndPromote.biz and SilverSearching.info.

Briefly tell what it is like to run a paidtoreademail?
Crazy "Don't do it" I work long hours and make nothing. All money I make has been returned to members. I only do it because I enjoy it but to make a profit would be nice. In order to make a profit a site would have to charge very hi prices for ads and sell a lot of them (this would never work).

What are your future plans for SeekAndPromote.biz?.
Upward and onward. I love every member. We got the best most supportive members around. Sure there are a few that just click and run without searching and there are the ones who know this and put forth that extra effort to try and make up for it. The cheaters will answer in the end at Judgment day. The ones who do extra get that good feeling inside that is way more important than any money they could ever earn. (in the 1 year I have been clicking I have made $475.00 not good wages at all for a 7 day a week job but I like it)

Do you have any hobbies?
Just this takes my time. I am disabled and donít get around much. I think that most people in ptr are ill in one way or another be it a handicap or illness that keeps them at home a lot. At least that is what I have run across.

What are you favorite TV shows?
Anything funny. My TV is on all the time while I'm on here. I watch it and click at the same time. I watch a lot of sitcoms.

Lastly, what advice, tips or general comments do you wish to share about the paidtoreademail world?
Run and don't look back! Once you get started in this you can't stop. You get hooked. You make a lot of new friends. You never want to leave your computer. At times I'm on here so much that the dishes in my sink start to grow mold. Not good. This like many other things can become very addictive.
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