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Don't be so sweet
Don't be so nice
Don't open your heart
Let me learn more about you

Don't be so loving
Don't be so caring
Don't treat me like a sister
Let alone, act like my brother

Don't treat me so good
Don't make me hope
Don't make me dream
That you like me too

Don't kiss me just yet
Don't look at me with love
Don't whisper words
Words that'll only make me fall

Don't tell me you like me
Don't show me your love
Don't make me fall in love with you
And tell me that all you wanted was just friendship
Trixie Torralba
Do you live your life with your heart mostly open or mostly closed? Do you spend most of your time protecting against rejection or being taken advantage of, or most of your time open to sharing love w...
If all the worth we spoke were truth, Why hath to leave each other both? Truth reveals the falsehood behind; And hate deceives our love so kind. Tender kisses, soft touch and cares Sweet as spring ou...
Grandmama looked and sounded so weird to me She always would tell me, "Shmily,...Shmily" I often reminded her, "It's Billy Gran, Billy." But she insisted in saying, "Shmily, Shmily." I saw it...


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