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Five Traits of Most Successful Men By Anandrahi JS

Long ago a wise person said: Life is not bed of roses. It means there are thorns too. If this world is tough then the business world is the toughest area – life is always full of thorns here. Predators from various sides (wolves in the garb of inspectors of almost a dozen government agencies, bears from mafia groups, ruthless sharks from competitors, eagles of your personal and business problems etc.) are ready to pounce upon you and tear you apart. A bitter struggle for survival awaits the people who decide to jump into this war zone. To win your battles and become strong you have to school yourself in the harshest way.


First of all you need to know the magic power of driving force. It has a magnificent winning potential in it. See any successful businessman. What impresses you about him? It is his driving force. He is committed. He is hellbent to achieve something. Under certain circumstances or training he got a psychological build up which compelled him to become a go-getter, to get success. Some of them may seem relaxed but actually they are never. For 24 hours they think about their objectives. Their willpower propels them through the most adverse circumstances. They are always ready to take challenge and walk on the roughest of the terrains. In brief, the driving force of a person comes out of a determined action that is unshakeable.


Very successful businessmen are not much different from creative artists. Like artists they want to create something without the interference of others. They are innovative and often impulsive. Only an imaginative and creative force can create a business empire. Businessmen have seeds of unique tiny ideas and nurture them with hard labour to convert them into huge trees.


Businessmen don’t like to work under others. It is not in their nature to tolerate authority. They have complete confidence in themselves. An autonomous life is one of their driving forces. They have to lead others to achieve goals. Like the captain of a team they need experienced and talented players (who are ready to work to the maximum of their capacity) to lead them to victory in their field. If a person is unable to organise talented persons or required work force how can we expect him to achieve goals. Even a genius can't get success in business unless he is able to organise and motivate the persons who can help him get the desired results. And with dedication and diligence they learn the traits of leadership as they move ahead in life.


Business is an adventurous play. Peace-loving and lazy persons are bound to get immense frustration here. Today you win but tomorrow you may suffer losses. Nothing is foolproof. You often have to march on to unknown territories where you may get nasty surprises; path may be full of insurmountable hurdles. But undaunted, the businessmen continue the journey. They love such thrills and they learn to overcome the toughest of the problems. A secure job, even if it is very remunerative, bores them.


Most of these businessmen develop a strong desire to become superior to a large number of people, especially in the field of their work. They hate the idea of spending a mediocre life. Day and night they think ideas and plan to become bigger than others, to create better than others. Complacency never hits them.

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