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I Wish

I wish I didn't get to know you
So that you'd still be a mystery
I wish we didn't share moments together
So that I'd still find you cute
I wish I didn't feel anything
So that you'd still be special
I wish you didn't have to nice
Just to be with me
I wish you didn't make me feel so in love
So that I didn't get hurt
I wish we didn't kiss
So that I didn't feel weird
I wish you weren't so true
So that you couldn't know anything about me
I wish you weren't so sweet
So that you didn't make me fall
I wish you didn't care
So that I could be strong
I wish you weren't kind
To think of how I felt
I wish you didn't hug me
So I could stay away
I wish you didn't hold me
So that I don't have to long for you
I wish you already hurt me from the start
So that I could say goodbye
I wish you stayed
So that I didn't have to cry
I wish you didn't look at me
So that I didn't feel weak
I wish I didn't see you smile
So that I didn't get a headache
I wish you fell for me too
So that this dream could be real
I wish I didn't know you
So that you'd still be my crush
I wish you didn't hurt me with your lie
So that I'd now be so in love
I wish I didn't say these things
'Cause it just made me miss you so much more
Trixie Torralba
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