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The Last Picture

Oops… one more shot…1 2 3 smile!

Years are said to be crazy… funny, weird and cool… as it run fast, we are not aware of seeing the rear view of a simple portrait, full of mysteries and yet the source of our emotions to change the mode of light’s direction.

From our younger years, we are certainly aggressive of doing any thing, or just make a simple obsession that concludes the very best of being a kid. We were not aware of what will happen tomorrow since we care nothing from our context. If there's an obstruction that hit our back, we just do a single laugh. That's the trend of being a kid... "Parang hindi na tayo tatanda".

We have tried to read the unfamiliar phrases on the walls; this is the time when we started to recognize the characters written in every single page of the book. There's always a second time around when we experienced the first. And the funniest side was…we do counting the numbers in a jump to jump, we were passionate of these things without knowing what is EVEN and what ODD are. But when the times move fast, these numbers are very simple to divide. You can consistently justify what kind of environment do a kid has, “parang laging required gawin ang mga bagay sa simula". But honestly, we were excited during our younger years because these were the times that we were about to discover the faces of road’s infinity...

All are just typical illustrations of childhood, we were doing the same thing as usual "paulit-ulit na lang” and yet, we were not bored doing the same thing all over again. There's always an evolution. Every second of a minute and every minute of an hour are known to have a constant change, an innovation for the time, "ang simula ng larawan ng totoong buhay" the PICTURE starts to smile, the picture starts to develop and the pictures starts to divulge real life.

We were dumbfounded that we were more active against other kids. Our first education starts on uncomplicated, "naisip na rin natin kung bakit tayo nag-iisip". The development of our credibility starts and soon we speculate why being a kid should need to have it understand, it's simply saying the letters A, B and C and counting the numbers 1, 2 and 3. "Ganito kasaya talaga ang kabataan, alam na natin kung anong larawan ang maaari nating makuhanan".

Graduation starts after six years, some of us had achieved awards, we start choosing the best secondary school we are about to get in. We won't ignore the friendship we had from those remarkable years, we treasure the opportunity of having both good and bad times "sa mga kalaro natin noong bata pa tayo", we have hurt, and we cried and promised not to forget the valuable affiliation during the first developing years of being a human.

We were very glad for we are no longer kids then, this is the time to focus on a simpler life, with expectations and more challenging "buhay hayskul", the next level of making another perfect shot, the picture which is very confusing with our own hand. We can change the dimension of sunlight with this portrait but we can never change the path of reality.

We are almost on the fence of the other residence, we can easily deal with many things, with people of different faces and attitude, we found real friends and we initially found our true selves too. It was so hard to accept that High School life is just part of the picture of our scrap book. We can make credible things because of our knowledge and maybe because of our power to believe in ourselves. Second Graduation comes; the tears of joy have been witnessed by many eyes, the excitement and undefined feelings of loss and success. "Pero hindi pa tapos ang picture-taking".

We used to tell our parents of what we really wanted to be... Engineer, Accountant, Architect, Lawyer or a Doctor, but now... "tapos na ang mga ilusyon, dumating na yung time na pumili tayo ng course na gusto natin". At this moment, we are the voice to give music to a song. We have to decide for ourselves, we should make plans for our own destiny; we should be the one to accomplish the unfinished puzzle of our own identity. There's always a second chance, there's always success behind failures and there will always be strength to face the many challenges, College days are the most unforgettable moment of our Academic life, many persons have been met, many experiences have been faced, and many different things have been accomplished.

The Collegiate Graduation has come, "sobrang saya pero siyempre nakakalungkot din, sa dami ba namang paghihirap eh eto na yung result ng lahat ng pinagdaanan natin simula ng tayo ay mag-aral", we will soon be Engineers and Accountants after months. After all, we made it through with flying colors. Of course, we are now cited as degree holders. PICTURE TAKINGS are always at stake; this will be the best part of the moment "hindi naman ito ang huling larawan ng paghihirap at mga ngiti ng pagiging isang estudyante". The Last Picture is not during our last graduation, there will always be another shot of pictures to be taken. Graduation is not the end of the whole thing; this is just the first step of what we are in the future. We are the photographers of our own pictures, the challenges are not yet through because we need to justify what kind of graduates we are, we have to be true Engineers, Accountants or whatever degrees we accomplished for a job.

"Pagkagising mo isang araw matapos ang Graduation... naitanong mo ba sa sarili mo kung saan ka na pupunta ngayon?" This is not a simple question, rather a BIG question that needs an answer. Furthermore, we can not say that life is complete without our friends. Many people were given another chance to give their best, though not provided during their academic years but sometime a great chance to prove their identity in their own fields. If we consider our childhood, we can say that we were restless then, we were not used by many things or by any one. We can easily get in touch with what could be necessary or which needs greater attention.

For every step that we encounter, there are people who always there to give support, our friends... "nakakatuwa na minsan makasama mo sila sa isang yugto ng buhay mo", You can defend your uniqueness and give importance with your existence with them. People are just people... In our own life, we have started it from being an above suspicion one; we are cultured from our preliminary educations, and strengthened by the environment to face the more challenging life.

Now, we can decide by our own, but we can not determine the truth beyond time. Our new destination in the job is another story; this is also a picture of great accomplishments and joys.

There will be no last picture with this life. Family, Friends and God are the pictures that give the exact existence of us... because if you can see THE LAST PICTURE with yourself, you are definitely stop working! "hangga't may taong naniniwala sa kakayahan mo, may mga bagay na dapat kang paniwalaan". Our friends are the mirrors of our personality, pictures are said to be worth a thousand smiles...

The question is... have you seen the last picture of yourself? You may answer it sometime but there will be no LAST PICTURE for there will be an opportunity to take another shot all over again...
Jojit Larino
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