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What Now After Chat Tv?

Everyone seemed to be happy and content with the kind of Chat service they get with Chat TV.

It was to some a place spend some idle time in from of the box; to others, it was a place for "socializing" in cyberspace to compensate for their real-life inadequacy; and for the perverts, it was a place to expose mere stupidity.

Yet there are those who gather up in clans and assert themselves in many ways. But Chat TV has gone pfffftttt... and it seems that everyone including the clans have lost a home.

To some of the netizens it is simply unacceptable reality that Chat TV is gone.

Others claim they have their own chatrooms up and running... as if talking to some kiddo who is too naive to believe their claim.

This makes us wonder what it is that makes these people make believe that there is still a Chat TV. What goes on in their minds anyway? Setting these people aside, there are more pressing issues. Consider the air time the Chat TV may not be able to afford in the long run. Or perhaps the issue of censorship which we have pushed for.

Whatever the cause of Chat TV's removal in cable TV, it would always be worth to note that it was more of a social nuisance rather than a useful tool to the right users of it.
Jilliane Gumban
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