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Dreamer's Chronicle

When the darkness enticed the raging sun,

A new world is alive and lifeless in a time span,

Where creatures of the night walked in the southeast,

From a valley of furious mortals to the land of humble beasts.

In a twist of fate the world went into oblivion,

Flooding the atmosphere with immense admonition,

A faceless man lurked across the moonlit meadow,

Tasting the apprehension only dreamers could endow.

He stretched his arms and opened his dry mouth wide,

Releasing fear and horror... sucking the marrow out of life,

Howls of brute is heard beneath the vague horizon,

Mourning for the existence of a monster of trepidation.

Though senses became numb, the intellect is aware,

Imbibing every globules of verve dropping from everywhere,

Suddenly, the whispers of the breeze changed its way,

Trees begin to murmur bliss for the whole milieu.

Faith illuminated the boundless corners of the land,

And a goddess-like beauty appeared from beyond,

She extended her arms to free the world from terror,

Bringing back the magnificence and thwarting stupor.

The dreamer flew with the beauty into the vivid blue sky,

Savoring the freedom and glory to the great heights,

Underneath the glittering jewels to the thin white clouds above,

Liberty is what the dreamers want to have.

The morning air kissed and touched every human face,

Embracing the beginning of life's newest phase,

And before the night reveals again, dreamers should take,


"Dreams are visions of what we do, think and feel when we're awake..."
Joel Amacio
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