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Hopeful Mourning

My soul laments… mourns.
Inside me is a sniveling mortal
Breathless, gasping, frightened
Afraid I might drown into my own ocean.
My heart’s afflicted.. it wanted to scream…
Scream loud that all I hear is a deafening silence.
I can’t stop the aching, I can’t alter fate.
Can’t end what have not yet started.
Can’t let go of what I never really had.
Breathless still, as my heart bein’ torn apart.
Wide of the mark if I stay, I should abscond.
My existence wouldn’t be the same…
But tomorrow will be diversed;
And roads will never cross.

My soul laments, bewails…
Tears will keep falling from my tired eyes
As I leave this feeling behind
I pray divinity send me peace.
My soul still laments….
I wonder when will it stop
Charito Katigbak
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