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What To Do When You Have A Bad Break Up.

Breaking up, especial when it is the worst one you have encounter in your life. Takes too much out of you. You feel that all the life has gone out and you feel that you will never live again...well here are some of the tips that you might want to try so you will get better.

1. "He is not the only fish in the sea." As the saying goes there is many boys that might love you more than you might deserve if there is life there is hope. The one that left you doesn't deserve your love because he/she hurt you.

2. Enroll to a martial arts class. Why did I suggest that? Because when you just came up in a broken relationship you tend to get your revenge. Now here is the oppurtuniy to have that revenge of yours. Kicking and punching while imagining that what you are punching is your ex is good. It is also a stress reliver because you are sweating. You will also lose weight especially when your ex broke up with you because you're fat.

3. Magpaganda ka pa. Don't make yourself misarable and ugly after a break up. Show to your ex that he let go a gold in his hand. And by the time you met him/her again... he will grule over you and he/she will have the feeling of rejection on why he/she broke up with you.

It's hard to experience a break up, yet as time goes by though the time can heal the wounds. It is not enough for you just to get over with it. But you have to find the way to make yourself productive as the time pass by. By doing so though you will never completely forget him you will be happy that you don't make yourself a fool out of him
Abigail Famisaran
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