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Ebook Review: Selfscape - Success Through Balance by Sheryle Moon By Robin Henry

Do you recall those experiences when ‘something’ just happens at the right time? You're looking for a car parking space in the busiest shopping centre in town and one magically appears; you're in a hurry and get all the green lights.

Many people refer to it as synchronicity ... in tune with the Buddhist belief that, ‘when the student is ready, the Master appears’.

On such an occasion a colleague gave me a copy of Selfscape: Success through Balance. I had been unsettled for a long time, reflecting on my life and contemplating a change in direction … her timing was superb.

This small, but insightful book written by Sheryle moon talks about topics we all know deep down, but never do anything about eg, planning our lives.

Sheryle is an achiever; a mother, wife and managing director of a large corporation who won the prestigious "Telstra Women of the Year Award" several years ago. There's a good chance she knows about success and a balanced life.

Sheryle details an holistic approach to planning across seven elements of our lives:

  1. career
  2. health
  3. personal environment
  4. recreation
  5. relationships
  6. self, and wealth

Instead of planning just our careers or perhaps for wealth, there is the realisation that we are complex and achieve synergy if we work with all elements. Now, within these elements are six integrated success strategies: personal capabilities and values, networking, vision, planning, balance, and commitment.

Working across the elements and strategies, we produce a global plan for several decades (if you have that many left!) which distils into yearly and daily plans. Our plans are changeable, the critical truth being that planning delivers a better life than drifting aimlessly hoping all will be fine. Somehow, when we plan, and especially when we document our plans, the increased consciousness of what we want summons some universal principle that helps us achieve them as though it's impossible to do otherwise.

Sheryle says, ‘The planning strategy provides examples and templates to help you plan for each element and to put them together as a pathway for success throughout your life.’

This ebook is a must for anyone wanting the best life has to offer. Instead of planning just our careers or perhaps for wealth, there is the realisation that we are complex beings who achieve synergy if we work with all elements.

If you’re seeking a successful life (and aren’t we all?), Sheryle’s balanced life planning process is a step forward. And it’s never too late to get started and change your life for the better.

Selfscape is only available from Desert Wave Enterprises and would make a perfect gift for the brother, father, mother, or friend who has everything, but a balanced life.

Copyright 2005 Robin Henry

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