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The Root System of Success By Ali Durrani

So, you have heard it all before, right?

You have read all the books, listened to all the tapes, checked out all the latest research on the internet, went to all those seminars, etc.

Spent tons of money to make tons of money, yet you seem to be manifesting only the spending part...

You seem to have so many tools and systems at your disposal to create the level of success you desire, yet still, not much...

I have studied success and self-improvement for a good 15 years of my life now, and sometimes they tell you one thing, or the other, or a combination of techniques, tools, and systems that will finally "click into place" and will cause you to take off like a rocket.

Let me offer some thoughts to consider here, and see what you think.

1. There is a logical mind that is better known as your conscious mind.

2. There is something called your subconscious mind, which is all powerful and basically is the main autopilot system of success.

Now, what countless people and experts are trying to do everyday is teach and reach a success mindset that will make succeeding automatic, right?

Okay, with me so far. Let us continue.

So what is the trick here? What really needs to happen?

Some tell us that we need to have NO contradictions in our conscious thought process so we may be able to transfer the thought we desire into our subconscious mind.

Is this practical and time efficient? Well, I can say from my own experience, it is a lifelong process, and I figure you may be desiring success sooner than that!

So what is it IN the subconscious mind, that makes the magic?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you have been scanning this article for! (Hopefully you have been reading up till now!)


Remember the emphasis of the word FAITH in almost every religious text on this planet?

What else is Faith than an extraordinary belief in something.

Therefore, unless you truly BELIEVE something, you will not be able to transform the inner world to match the outer circumstances you would like to manifest.

Simple? Of course. Genius is Simple and it also stands the test of time. This is not some new hot thought product that is taking the success oriented world by storm. This is a foundational system built into our complex workings over thousands of years.

Therefore I consider it to be the root system of success, because all things grow out from your beliefs.

If you believe you are not beautiful, for example, all the makeup, all the praise and support, all the surgery and products, will amount to nothing. And vice versa.

This is supposed to be an article and not an ebook, right? So let me wrap up here.

Look, success is easy. It does not come easy. But its principles and workings are the same. My suggestion to you is if you are still not experiencing the level of success in whatever areas you are wanting it in, please dig deep within yourself and begin with your beliefs. The ones that are yours and the ones that are not. And just suggesting another belief or replacing a thought is not going to cut it. You have been conditioned for a long time, and like any habit or conditioned response, it will take time to convert it to a belief that supports you instead. You need to work through it systematically and patiently. You can do it.

I consider beliefs to be the "operating software" of your subconscious mind. Once correctly programmed, you cannot help but succeed and vice versa.

I hope you gained some insight and perhaps learned something here that will help move you to a better quality of life and success.

My warmest regards and best wishes for your success.

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