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Age: A Friend Or Foe

It has been believed that its rude to ask a woman her real age. But why? Is it an insult to be treated your age? So what if you're older?

Women love it when people think they look younger than they really are. What's with looking younger? Does that mean that when we're younger, we're more beautiful? That makes us most beautiful during the moment of our birth... I don't think so...

Age is a mere creation of our human minds. Before, days months and years don't exist. There is only day and night. No mondays or Fridays, No Septembers and Decembers, until our ancestors were able to create the sundial which lead to the creation of time. But long before age and time were determined, people lived a simple life. Can you imagine a world with no deadlines to meet? a world with no age restrictions? no curfews! ? There's no one too young or too old for anything. Unfortunately, this can't be true because age and time are now part of our lives just as breathing is...

I believe that as we get older, we tend to mature- that's one thing worth growing old for! Age doesn't assure wisdom, its just that when you're older you tend to be more experienced than youngsters. There goes your edge towards maturity.

As we age, we also gain respect. In a country like ours, its an obligation to respect your elders. we pay due respect to our parents, grandparents, elder brothers and sisters, and even to strangers..

When you get older, you also get to see life in a different perspective. I guess its all because of the been-there-done-that mentality. You can act like you have been there and you've doen that though you really haven't and no one could contradict you because they would never know.

As in games, growing older is like going from one level to another. There's always a new set-up. There are new set of tasks and difficulties, new set of troubles and problems... new set of everything.. both positive and negative.

It's all in the state of mind. If you condition yourself to go with the flow of age and time, then life has a bucket of surprises for you.. surprises fit for your real age.
Ecyoj Odabas
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