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You Don't Have To Be The Sharpest Tool In The Box Or Have The Highest IQ By Craig Dawber

Something I learnt a long time ago in high school was that I was not the sharpest tool in the box or the most happening thing around. I have a confession to make that I am a normal intelligent human being and there are many like me in this world.

You have to be very intelligent and have a high IQ to score well in your exams and go on to a degree. Also you need to have huge amount of enthusiasm and energy to set high standards in everything that you do, if you want to be the best. But if you do not have the highest of IQ or greatest enthusiasm for doing things, then you need to handle and tackle the issue of your success smartly.

Seek the company of business people who are smarter and more successful than you. Study them, if possible talk to them, see and observe what they do and learn their formulae of success. And apply the same formulae in your life.

Look for people who are actually doing what your goals are and what you want to do and then follow in their footsteps and do just as they are doing, in fact model their success, and success will be yours as well.

Have a mentor who will guide you either consciously by advising you or you can also have a mentor, without him knowing that you take guidance from his actions. You can have more than one mentor to model. Have as many mentors as your goals are. You can follow different mentors for different goals.

Follow the history of the success of your mentor or guide, in the same sequence of steps that he took by following all the tasks. And you are likely to meet the same kind of success.

Follow a mentor or a guide to your success is a reasonably dependable way to learn the path to success. It increases your enthusiasm and motivation for doing tasks at hand, because you can, in a way see the outcome of the action taken, as you are following tin the footsteps of your mentor.

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