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Are You Fulfilling Your Destiny? By Gary Simpson

There is something that you are uniquely designed to do. Maybe you are already doing that. Maybe you are not.

Let me run some questions past you just to make sure:

  1. Do you spring out of bed every morning with boundless energy, eagerly wanting to throw yourself into the day ahead?

  2. Does your work fulfill you to the point where you would do it for much less than what you are already being paid for it?

  3. Do you have endless ideas running through your mind that inspire you to do more and be more?

  4. Do you feel as though you are a valuable member of society and you are being well rewarded for the value that you give?

  5. Do you feel respected and admired by others for what you do, the value you give and the person that you are becoming?

  6. Are you really, truly content and happy with your role in society and does that feeling manifest itself in your daily dealings with other people?

If you cannot answer yes to the questions above then you are not being fulfilled. You are not working towards your ultimate destiny. You see, there is something that you are uniquely designed to do. You need to find out what that thing is.

Why waste your life in an unfulfilling job? That is just a jail without bars. Won't you be far happier doing something that you are talented at and will be respected and admired for?

Jobs are for people to earn money. Money is not the motivating factor for people who are fulfilled. It is the END PRODUCT. Read that again!

Most people have got that equation around the wrong way. They are trading their lives for money. What sort of a miserable trade is that? That is what I call existence. There are millions of people doing it. But there are also millions of people doing things that they love.

Wouldn't it be better to trade your life for something that you love? Something that you are uniquely talented at? Something that you are destined for?

Look at the happiest people. What are they doing? Why do you think they are so happy? It is because their lives are so fulfilled. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled?

Maybe you are a little tied up by the "system" right now - working for money to pay the bills. Is that the case? Well, it doesn't have to be like that forever, does it?

You can be working on your passion in the evenings, after work. Some people call that "moonlighting." I just call it being smart.

But you have to find your passion, your destiny. To be confused about this will keep you in the system and ten years from now you will still be the same person that you are this very instant. Yes, you will be ten years older. Find your passion. Fulfill your destiny. Turn your life into a work of art. You deserve it!

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