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To Someone

from the one who's STILL in love with YOU:

it keeps on trailing
the further i go
the more it insists on getting near.
i cannot say i hate it
for back then it had my heart.
it drowned me in such indescribable emotion
which used to keep me afloat;
above all else,
amidst the darkness,
i stood brilliant
and it was because of what i once had
...with you.

i still have it within me
and i pray that a part of what was once ours is with you 'til now.
but even if it's gone from you
mine will forever remain
not minding whether you've turned your back and have completely moved on.

i've been trying to deny that it's of the same depth .
i've been striving to be strong,
pretending all the while that i am alright.
I've met someone
but I could not love her in equal madness,
in the same way I have insanely loved you.
You'll remain to be the only one who have learned to hold my heart within your palms,
from the moment your eyes took notice of me staring at you for so long,
'til now, despite realizing that waiting for you until this very moment is such foolishness. I know it's wrong.
It's stupidity but who could blame me?
Even if I wanted you to let go of my core,
it's tight grasp only becomes more painfully firm.

I won't say goodbye 'til for another chance, i see you.
You made it so difficult for me but even though,
that won't turn things out between me and my feelings for you.
You still have all of me.

from the one WHO loves the one who is STILL in love with YOU:

i won't force things out
so just ignore the sight of me weeping,
my teary eyes flooded choosing no time,
my trembling lips who've always wanted to put itself on yours
wanting to feel your presence,
hoping to feel the spark,
and my hesitant arms wanting to keep you enveloped in the tightest embrace.
just allow me
to drown myself in such indescribable emotion,
and do not mind if i get hurt because of this.
i have a choice
yet even if what i choose would be what'll make me weep more,
i cannot turn my back on it.
I'll be worse than a stupe,
far more worthless than a nitwit.
Though someday I know that that's what I'll become,
for continuing to love someone who's continuing to love someone else.

What could be more striking than loving someone who loves someone else?

That is...loving someone who does not know how to love at all.
R.m.p. Monte Carlo
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