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Publishing My Magazine: A Look Behind The Scenes.......

I thought it might be interesting to give you some idea of what it is like publishing this magazine. My plan in life was to publish a book or two, but to make a long story short...it didn't happen. Then came a chance to host TV programs on holistic stuff...which I did....and I am still involved with that project. One day..after a shake-up on the TV show project, my spirit guides suggested that I start an online magazine. I said, What? They kept at this... untill in a few days I sat at the computer trying to start the magazine.

Aside from the fact that I am still new to computers, I found out the hard way that writing and publishing are two different things. If I wrote a book, it would take a total focus on the book untill it was published. But with publishing, especially a magazine....the focus will continue...non stop!

So as soon as I come home from my full time job...I head for the computer! First I check for any e-mails. Then go into the magazine to see if I can find any more [ typos ]. Then I check the magazine's message board, and the newsletter subscriptions. Then I search the internet to see where I can promote the publication...so people can actually find it. Then I contact other related sites to see if they will agree to link to the magazine...again so others can find it. Then I go to special sites where I can pull articles from.....and if I'm lucky.. publish them in the magazine. Then I think about articles that I can write...or listen to my guides about material that they want published. Then I search for other sites that will publish my articles...so that more people can hear about the magazine. Then I go to magazine and ezine directories and try to get the magazine listed there. Some of the time I work on the newsletter that is sent out from the magazine.

My wife, Sandy and I live in a four room apartment, one room is an office. The magazine is published from this space. Since I'm home anyway...I eat a quick dinner and get back to the computer and magazine stuff. After taking a shower, at some point you can find me sitting at the computer again...in my underwear...working on some aspect of the magazine.

Unlike a book....which would finally get published, the magazine must always be in publication and updated. I must be nuts.....but I do it anyway!
Jeremiah Huck
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