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There are things in life that though there's an easy way out, you have to go through the long, hard process in order to understand the underlying lesson beneath the experience. They say it's not how many chances you get in a lifetime that quite counts but what you take away from every experience and how much each impacted the way you want to improve your one life for the better.

Turning one'S wounds into wisdom and making lemonades out of lemons are things that not all people are able to do, although all take their fair share of problems and bad times. Yet the ones who take it upon themselves to swim against the tide and donthe positive cap of perspective, they are the people who gets double in life. They get to experience, and they get to learn. They take away with them pearls that all the others who breeze through life do not find and just goes through the process of experiencing and the crying (or the laughing) and forget about the rest of the details until the same occurrence happen again.

We all get the same share of the 24 hours a day. Some use it to the fullest, some squander it away. Some take so much from a little if any, some didn't know it's gotten over.

If life has not giving you too many chances to achieve and get to do a lot of things,or if there are people in situations that block your way and hinder you to thrive and be the kind that only you see in dreams or in TV, then aspire only to be the person that others may say later in your funeral...

"He's lived a life full,he's one of the richest I know." Be one of those who was let in on a secret on life's true sense, and heeded it:

That life is a one-time thing.
It still is beautiful, regardless.
Live it well. Today.
Ford tomorrow is never promised.

September 09, 2004 excerpt from my personal diary
William Ramos
Whether you think about your car, your favorite sweater, or your own health, wouldn't you agree that you should care for each of those things with long term care? In my own life, much damage has been ...
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