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Work Environment Tidbits

Color is a big factor effecting all indoor environments. Since most of us spend many hours each day at work, the coloring of the space has a big impact on us.

Monotone color schemes can over charge certain personality and behavioral patterns. The color grey can cause depression and frequent change, leading to coping actions like drinking alcohol. Too much grey [ a common business/office main color ] can also lead to unclear thoughts and actions. Sometimes in life and business things need to be simply black and white, clear and simple!

The best solution to this problem is to introduce many colors into the work space. Even small items of varied colors can do wonders, so add some to the work-business space and watch the changes.

When getting dressed for work/business each morning wear the colors that are not in the work place......that way your colors become a part of the environment, effecting both you and all those around you........you become a balancer for the colors missing at work....try it.

Stay grounded all day! That means that no matter what is going on around you [ you can't always control that stuff ] you are not so effected. This way you stay stable and help stabilize an often highly charged emotional situation. Staying grounded means to keep both feet on the floor ....no matter what happens! This can be real hard to do since many people around you will try to pull you off balance [ ungrounded ], just keep trying this and you will get better at it.

See your job/business and work place as both mundane and sacred at the same time. That means to do the job and work the space in practical ways while understanding that there is more going on then meets the surface of things. That life and work is all holy and sacred.....not just when you go to church, etc. This helps to bring a higher level of order and purpose to all you do...you tend to get better results in everything. Try it!

Keep the space clean and clear. This sounds too simple to be of real value but this is not true! Try it and watch the results........

Good Luck!
Jeremiah Huck
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