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A Warior

I am a warrior
but not like Arthur and his Knights
I fight for a cause
Not merely for freedom, though freedom it may be
I have no sword nor armor
Though I have my own stuff for my own battles
I never had enough of them
which sometimes cause my loses

I am my leader and my follower
I am the lone knight of my army
the lone believer of my principles
But a warrior I may be, I am also only human
a being breathed with life
Which turned to be a blessing and a curse
Though I explicit strength
My insides are weak
my heart is broken
and my soul is frail

I am waving a white flag
But they can't seem to understand
Arrows rain my world as my shield weakens
All I wanted was to succumb to oblivion

And tonight as tears fall down my face
let the sky cry with me
Let every being feel the coldness I have within
Make them understand the things I fight for..
Let the rain fall and wash away my tears
Make known to me the existence of rainbows...
Help me remember that I'm a warrior,
in this battlefield called life...
Ecyoj Odabas
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