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Practical Ways to Praising God

I’ve been asked by many 21st century kids, who have been used to the age of technology if the Bible is as archaic as the “parting of the Red Sea” or the “40 years in wilderness” kind of stuff. I can’t blame the kids, nor the young urban professionals of today, who think of the Bible and the realities of God, as something that is as fabled as the stuff of a hundred years sleep of Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pans are made of. So, here I updated ways how to praise God in practical ways before we all think we’re too cool and advanced to believe in the parables and the Gospels. Find some that suits you and do it for the glory of God.

• Go to an open space or to a highest place you can find. Open your arms wide and look around you. Say ‘thank you’ to everything you see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Oprah often says: “If the only prayer you can say is “Thank You”, that is enough.”

• Choose a random morning, buy the most expensive variety of Starbucks coffee on-the-go [or Seattle’s Best if you want] along with a fancy muffin or a cheesecake… and give it to the filthiest beggar you can find on the street. “What you do to the least of your brethren, you do it unto me.”

• Make little signs or gestures or phrases that are all to the effect of praising God.

• At the end of each day, recall 5 reasons, little or big, material or not, people or situation, financial or emotional, simple or grand, that happened to you of which you are most thankful for.

• Roll in the grass,… dance with the breeze,… squeal when you bathe in the rain,… hug a tree,… bask in the morning sunshine… dream as you stargaze… wonder about the moon… appreciate about the changing colors and shapes of the clouds. They say you show your gratitude best to someone when you use the gifts he gave you till they go in tatters. The ultimate praise to God is to enjoy His creations to the full, ‘cause that’s how He designed it.

• Keep a gratitude journal.

• Do a surprise favor to someone in need, and if you can, don’t let that person know it’s you who do it. And then tell God who sees the things you do in secret that you do it in praise of Him, no need to reward you on this one.

• Make a big fuss out of turning a short Bible verse into a jingle or a skit or like a commercial ad byline and teach it to the children repeatedly until they know it by heart.

• Offer the first and the last bite of anything you eat to the Lord and do so with much gusto.

• Read a book. Underline all the words you encounter synonymous to beautiful, thankful or nice.

• In any overwhelming situation, whether it’s a good or bad overwhelming situation, breathe a “Thank you, God” under your breath before forging ahead. When you’re able to be grateful in the eye of the storm, that’s when you truly learned.

• Recall and to the people you hate so much are like the least. Although you can list many faults of these people, think of what least five good quantities, physical and all, they own the two choose to ignore before.

• Laugh long and deep and hard. Like this …

• Offer to God what you do best. Be it a song number, a recipe, an hour of tutoring Algebra or being the best comfort room cleaner in the world. Offer one particular time and pray, “This one’s for you, Lord.”

• Win one soul for God.And tell that one soul to win one more for Him too. And repeat the cycle of paying it forward with the power of one.

• Close your eyes, hold out your hands, feel your heartbeat… and live.
William Ramos
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