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The Measure of a Man

The measure of a man is the very OPPOSITE of what we see many do. He does not smoke, drink, collect girls, become maloko and burara to say his a real man. These things only develop bad habits and corrupt good character.

Boys don’t cry but men do. Boys are the immature males. Men are those who’ve grown up. Its okey to cry. We all have emotions, so when you feel like crying or hugging someone, don’t be afraid to do it. After all, real men do it all the time. Di kabaklaan yon.

LOVE = RESPECT + TRUST. It’s a simple Math equation. You can only say you have loved someone when you respect a person’s worth and you can trust your feelings with them. When one is absent, its not love. Its only PUROROT!!

Honesty is probably the sexiest thing a man can give a girl.

A real macho guy is not ‘bato-bato’! He is very sensitive and thoughtful and considerate of the feelings of others. Be that kind of macho man, ok? Di man sa muscles, sa pagkatao man lang.

A strong man admits sorry when he is wrong. And he looks at the eyes when asking for forgiveness.

A true man tells when he’s weak, or when he’s sick. He asks for help when he needs it. Because it’s okey.

In being japorms, remember that the best accessory you can wear is that good, smart head between your ears and that sweet smile on you face. Keep your heart pure & it will shine through in your smile. Yeah, like Rico Yan smile.

Treat a girl with gentleness—“Like A Rose”, ika nga ng A1. Even with the loud ones and the matatarays. NEVER break their hearts even when they break yours. Love only one-at-a-time. And when you feel “pilyo” about someone, remind yourself: What if another man does that to your mother or sister matutuwa ka ba?

In choosing your college course, consider 2 THINGS: What you CAN do (your talent) & what you LIKE to do (your interest). When you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Your job will be your hobby. And you will succeed in it.

Don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU to people you love, everyday. Or at least show it. Yes, kahit bakya or corny. Di mo alam kung kelan sila— O ikaw--ay lilisan. Learn from Mikko Sotto’s short life. Do it NOW!

When big problems come, face it courageously. Tell youself that God won’t give you problems you cannot handle. See trials as chances to be stronger, wiser & a better man. Tawagin mo ang problema na “Hamon”

And when things get too much, ask for help. Hindi ikaw si Superman. Kahit nga siya ay naguguluhan eh, di malaman kung alin ba ang dapat unang isusuot, pants ba o brief! So ask for help & admit it when you’re helpless or confused. Your strengths will come from your weaknesses.

Choose friends you admire. Yung may good influence sayo. Lalo na yung God-fearing, sports minded at masisipag mag-aral. They will challenge you to do better. Rizal was right: “Tell me who your friends are & I’ll tell you who you are.” Find the best ones & when they come, don’t let them go. Girlfriends will pass, but real friends stay 4ever. So pa’no, pakakawalan mo pa ba ako?


Bring and be thankful. Be appreciative of everyone & everything. Yun ang may lalim na lalaki.

Be the perfect gentleman. A real TIGASIN not only has hard muscles, but he has a mammon heart. You don’t prove na “man” ka by your fist that punch, but by your hands that touch lives & soothe pain. Be gentle ha, like DOUNEY…!

Be nice to strangers. You’ll be surprised at how much a simple smile to a boy on a wheelchair or a “Hi?” to that ugly schoolmate everyone is making fun of, or helping a kid or an old lady can go a looong way. Men like that are the real heroes. Will you be one?

Sex before an outside marriage is BAD. It’s exciting, yes, but it is not RIGHT. It’s wonderful “to make love” to someone you care for or just “have sex” with anyone. Make it a “first-time-mo” ONLY with your future wife. Deal?

A man without prinsipyo is like a bird without wings, or a fish that cannot swim. INTEGRITY is doing things according to what you believe, kahit nag-iisa ka lang & even when all is against you. Stand up for your convictions. That’s the MAN, men! Yo, yes, yes, yo!

The best measure of a man is when he can bow down his head & bend his knees in prayer to God. When you have JESUS in your heart as your personal Lord & Savior, you can do all that I said here, with God’s grace. Ibang-iba ang may Diyos sa buhay. Ibang-iba. Maniwala ka.
William Ramos
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