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Success – Using Emotional Power To Change Your Life By Paul Hooper - Kelly

Positive emotions, such as the desire to better our lives, have always been a powerful motivation for self improvement. But, would it surprise you to discover you can also use apparently negative emotions, such as anger and disgust, as a spur in your step up to success?

Anger is not an emotion readily associated with success. Yet, for many people, it is the vital catalyst, making the difference between success and ignominy.

Douglas Bader might have died unknown, instead of becoming a famous war hero and an inspiration to a whole generation, were it not for the power of anger.

Following a bravado flying stunt that went badly wrong, he was in hospital, both legs amputated, and close to death. Drifting in and out of consciousness, he chanced to overhear a nurse outside his room whisper he was dying.

That matter of fact statement ignited his rage!

He clawed his way back to recovery with astonishing courage and speed, soon learning to walk again on two artificial legs. Not only did he make it back as a fighter pilot in World War II, he also became a pretty fair golfer -- no mean feat for someone with no legs.

Many people who achieve spectacular success rise to these heights from extreme deprivation. Sometimes they were bullied, when children, or held up to ridicule. This ignites a smoldering anger that makes them pay any price to prove their detractors wrong.

Disgust is another powerful emotion, often producing similar results to anger. In fact, disgust is an excellent emotion for you to cultivate, for the following reason.

If you develop an absolute loathing for your present situation, you’ll find it far easier to make the effort, defer the pleasure, spend the time and generally pay whatever price is necessary to bring about the situation you want.

Which brings me to another emotion you can harness to power you to success: desire.

Build up a vivid picture in your mind of the sort of life you really desire. Don’t set artificial limits, because -- these days -- practically every sort of lifestyle, in any location in the world, is achievable with sufficient desire, particularly if you use the global reach of the internet as the vehicle for your perfect lifestyle.

It’s important to make this a really detailed picture of how your life will be, once you’ve achieved your success. You see, your subconscious mind, which will generate the ideas and inspiration to enable you achieve your goals, thinks in pictures, not words.

So to simply say, “I want five million dollars” is meaningless to your subconscious, because that is the language of the conscious mind. And it is very hard to picture a sum of money, but relatively simple to picture yourself living the dream lifestyle such a sum would provide.

You can make the emotion of desire even stronger if you couple it with those other emotions of anger, disgust and excitement in the following way.

Twice a day, on rising and retiring, take a few minutes to lie down and relax completely. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, being aware of the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. As you relax, your brainwave activity will decrease from the normal rate of about 40 Hz down to about 10Hz, which is the desired “Alpha” state.

At this level your subconscious and conscious minds are in harmony and your subconscious will become extremely receptive to the pictures of your future success that you create in your conscious mind.

Then bring into your mind a picture of your present circumstances. Picture all the things you hate about your life at present: the daily commute to work, the traffic snarl ups, the surly boss, the stress and the pressure.

But only hold that image for a minute, whilst you allow the feeling of utter revulsion, anger and disgust to well up inside you. Then allow all the color to drain out of the picture, as you visualize it moving away from you, getting smaller and smaller. Finally, see it screw up into a ball, like a piece of trash, and disappear. At the same time, imagine hearing the sound of a piece of paper being screwed up.

Immediately, replace that drab, unwanted image with a brilliant, colorful, exciting three dimensional image, in glorious wide screen, of your new life.

Perhaps you’ll be sitting overlooking a beach on Maui, enjoying a leisurely breakfast of freshly picked Hawaiian pineapple, as the waves gently cream upon the golden white sand. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and smell the ocean breeze, as it gently cools you. Hear the roar of the surf and see the sunlight sparkle, as it dances on the waves.

Really feel excited about this vision of paradise in your mind’s eye. Desire it to come about with every fiber of your being. Work up a real sweat!

What you are doing is showing your amazingly powerful subconscious mind, in a language it readily understands –- pictures –- exactly what you don't want and exactly what you do want your life to be like.

In short, you're placing your order for your perfect life.

Your brain is a success orientated organ. It will figure out ways to get you from where you are to where you have shown it you want to be. All you need do is to keep that picture vivid in your mind by repeating the above exercise twice daily.

Now you can move into the final emotion: total, unflinching resolve.

Do you remember this bit in Lord of the Rings: “Sam’s will was set; and only death would break it.”?

That’s how your frame of mind should be, at the end of this session. No doubts, no qualms no debate. Your mind is set in steely resolve: you know with absolute certainty this will be your new life.

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