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Crippled by the Fear of Failure? By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

What is the fallout for you of being restricted by the Fear of Failure? Well the fact that you were drawn to this article likely suggests that you have already recognized it "as" a problem. In other words, it is likely something you could get rid of, correct?

What is the fallout of having this Fear of Failure running (sorry, I actually meant to write "ruining" but then they both apply don't they?) your life? It likely includes some of the following:

1. Feeling like your sitting on the sidelines like a helpless victim,

2. Feeling angry, jealous or envious that others get all the breaks while you live an impoverished life,

3. Feeling like you haven't the courage to actualize you dreams,

4. Feeling inadequate, weak and having little self worth or self confidence,

5. Fear making big decisions, or any decisions for that matter,

6. Stuck in unhappy relationships that you're afraid to leave,

7. Stuck in a job that is literally killing you and your passion for life, etc...

Why is all of this happening to you? Well for the simple reason that you are unknowingly buying into a lie about the usefulness of the Fear of Failure. That lie comes out of the following analysis.

Many "think" that the Fear of Failure protects them from failing, hence,

It supposedly keeps them from feeling hurt and disappointed, hence,

It keeps them feeling safe and secure, hence,

It supposedly boosts one's ability to feel resilient in the face of making decisions thereby allowing them greater ease at making decisions (after all, if you are carrying something that makes you feel safe and secure, shouldn't this make life's decisions easier?), hence,

It supposedly boosts one's self confidence, one's sense of self worth, one's sense of personal adequacy and therefore should supposedly make one able to fully actualize their dreams, hence,

It makes one successful and feel happy, contented,and fulfilled.

So, in summary:

(A) The Fear of Failure supposedly makes one successful, happy, contented, and fulfilled.

Is that what you experience as a result of carrying this in your body? I highly doubt it because if you did, you would never have been drawn to this article.

So if you want to be free of this once and for all visit the web link below for an introductory consultation.

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