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With Wiser Eyes

Someday, you will have wiser eyes
That see
Stars are not just stars
And trees are not just trees…

Someway, you’ll understand
While I keep saying
Books are not just pages
Smiles, aren’t always happiness.

Ooohhh, someday
You’ll learn that the things you do not see
Are just as real as those you see
That pain isn’t always bad
And tears aren’t always sad.
Ooohh, someday someday you’ll learn
Respect is better than money earned
And true beauty is invisible to the naked eyes,
Someday, someway, you’ll realize.

One day, the clouds will look to you
More than a close friend of the skies
A touch would mean much more
And you shall know
What a rainstorm is made out for. [REFRAIN]

Stars are not just stars
Someday with wiser eyes,… you’ll see
It’ll all makes sense why.
William Ramos
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