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The Star

I sat by my window tonight
And I saw a lone star
Twinkling bravely against the sky.
And I felt it winked at me
As if to say,
“If I can shine on like this,
Why can’t you, why won’t you?”

I thought of you
What you’ve been through
The dreams you start to spin
And the endless ‘could’ve-beens’.
I saw a stream that would go on
While Frisbees fly without wings
And I’m reminded of you…
Said to myself:
“Why can’t you, why won’t you?”

Sure, success is hard-earned
Not even stars get out so sparkling
In just one night alone
After it was born.
You start again… and go on
Behind hardwork is a secret
Consistency, is God in it…
Success, like stars, bring brilliance
In God’s perfect chance
I thought of you (who is me),
And said to myself (who is you)…
“Why can’t you… why won’t you?”

November 12, 2000
William Ramos
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