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About Success...

HOW does one measure success? Having a wonderful career can mean success. Having a harmonious relationship with someone might mean more of a success for some. Being successful does not necessarily means your being on top. Such definition is but one of the many measurements of what the true meaning of the word success constitutes.

You may not end up being the President or Manager of the company your working but you can still be successful by being an effective employee of the institution you're connected with . On the other hand, you may be the most respected or admired in your workplace but you may not consider it a success because you are having trouble with your partner's relationship.

I think the real meaning of success is having to do something, though not necessarily excelling in such, and yet finding oneself contented and happy. I guess it also depends on one's priorities. No man is perfect. Likewise, no man can have everything he or she wanted in life. There will always be failures and frustrations. This is because there are just some things that are beyond our control. There are just some things that does not turn out the way we wanted them to be.

If you are a career-oriented person, success would mean bagging the top position and being highly compensated and demanding respect from other colleagues. On the contrary, if you are the type of person who sees more importance on your relationship with others, then you wouldn't bother whether you get promotions as long as you are doing your job and basically have one.

Sometimes, we pause for a while and wonder if it is easy to be successful. Well, it's just like asking oneself if it is easy to be happy. I guess not. It's quite hard and it is a real struggle. Before you can tell yourself you are happy, you need to know first what is that thing that will make you happy in the first place. You need to make a choice. Besides life is all about making decisions. However, the saddest part of it all is that you can't easily tell what you really want because you sometimes hardly know yourself.

There comes a point in your life that you think you are certain that the path you took is the right one. You think such can make you happy. But then in the end you show regrets. You try looking back at the past then think what could be on the other side. What could have been in store for you on the other path if that was what you took. But then you realized that it was too late.

Life can sometimes be cruel. That's why you gotta be smart in making decisions. But sometimes you are just so overwhelmed or carried away by your emotions that you become blinded by the real score. Good, if there are people around you that will tell you the implications of the choices you have made. Good, if you have the power to oversee the future so you can prepare ahead. But we are only human beings bound to make mistakes and expected to learn from them.

It would then bring you back the memories of your childhood when you don't have to worry about anything not even the clothes you have to wear in going to church. Because your parents are always there telling you what is good and nice, which is right and which is not. They are there to decide in our behalf.

However, time flies and we have to move on. We can't be kids forever. We have to grow and live our own life. We have to experience and feel pain to make us strong. We have to cry and this time not because our playmates grab our lollipop but instead we cry because we've been hurt by someone we loved.

You might wonder why do we have to go through all these hardships and that why things aren't easy. Well, for whatever reason we don't know but one thing would remain unchanged. Life is a journey that each of us should take. And because it is a journey there can be pains but likewise joys and even victories.

Each of us are destined to take his or her own road. We don't take the same road. Others choose to take the road less traveled while others don't. It is but a matter of choice as to which road can take you to your hapiness.

If there is one thing you need to learn about our existence here on earth, it is that life's goal is all about being happy in whatever endeavor we choose to venture. Life is all about taking a risk and have the courage to pursue what you want and achieve.
FeRj Flores
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