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A Promise To You [pangako Sa'yo]

‘Said I already had my fill of soap operas and said never again. But inspite of myself, I go with the 10 million everyday viewers of ABS-CBN’s triple teleserye’s. Though in my case, I’m only “into” the first one, PANGAKO SA’YO, and I have my reasons (which reasons know nothing of) for watching it.

The story of Ina and Angelo and Bea Bianca is now a household name. I saw the pilot episode just to see Jericho Rosales, hoping it’d get very crummy later on but I was wrong, very wrong. Jericho proved to be an effective, consummate actor nadadala lahat ng mga kaeksena niya. Indignation rise out of me, and pain and love and heartbreak because I see it ‘become’ in Angelo Buenavista, Jericho’s character. Last Friday lang, after Ina (Kristine Hermosa) finally learned of Angelo-and-Bea Bianca’s (Vanessa del Bianco) extracurriculars and broke up with him and kicked him out of the house, Angelo was so miserable the following episodes since, trying everything to apologize and win Ina back. I feel for Ina’s pain and betrayal and yet, if you see his eyes that Friday night in the office lobby with him waiting for her with peace-offering flowers, without much words there, the scene was so powerful it moved me to tears. Then after Ina ignored him, he went back to their house, begging in the rain for Ina to let him in the house and into her life again. He’s crying but he wasn’t nagwawala, and Ina covered her ears na lang to drown out his beggings because she’s also hurting and yearning and dying to have him back.

Uuhhh… I get carried away. But you should see Angelo’s sorry state. You would want to take him in and hug him and tell him all things are now forgiven. You’d promise everything to him that time just to see him consoled. Nakakadala talaga yung series. Talent Center of ABS-CBN has indeed found a gold mine in Jericho. He’s one of the gifted actors that was ‘born’ with it. He’ll go places with the sensitive attack of the roles he play with a wide range of emotions to display. Di ako fan noong una, but now I think I’m a believer. He was so effective that I forget the Jericho and know only of the Angelo character. And sappy as it may sounds, I’m never embarrassed that I did shed a tear. It’s for the love of Ina & Angelo that I take part in, because I see it’s one love worthy of all the pain fighting for it.

NOW I am officially becoming corny… Sue me.

August 10, 2001
William Ramos
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