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Just Listen. Please!

When did you last do that? When did you last listen to yourself? Is there a small voice inside you calling out “Just listen to me” Just listen. Please”. “All I want is for you to listen to me”. “ I am tired and fed up of continuing doing. Just stop for a moment and just listen. Please”.

When was the last time you sat down quietly with a cup of coffee and just listened to what is going on inside you. The small voice that wants to take care of you. Wants to make sure you are doing the right thing. The small voice that wants you to succeed more than anything else, and also wants you to enjoy your success.

Let’s do it now. Let’s just sit quietly and connect with that peaceful space within where you can listen to yourself.

Just turn your eyes inside, look inside and go to your peaceful place. What do you see there? The mountains or ……the sea………..A sunset perhaps. ……. just relax ……..enjoy yourself there. Describe it to yourself……..What can you see? What sounds can you hear? How do you feel? Just let yourself experience this quiet place. Stay there as long as you can. Ignore the thoughts that want you to hurry. Take your time. Just sit quietly in your ‘heaven’ your private, peaceful place.

The more you practice going to your private peaceful place the easier it will be for you to return as and when you need to during the day. Because, peace is only a thought away. To gain maximum benefit you have to be able to go to that peaceful place whenever you need it. Whenever your small voice calls out; Listen to me. Please. In the traffic jam, in the car park, waiting for a bus or train,. In the middle of a boisterous meeting. This is a tool to take care of yourself. To give you strength and power. To enable you to listen to yourself when the world is determined to take you over and drain your batteries.

It need only be for a second. We are not suggesting you drift off in the middle of an important meeting for minutes or hours. Just detach yourself from what is going on around you, think of your peaceful place and quickly refresh yourself. Quickly taking the pressure out of a situation. Quickly avoiding that damaging argument. Listening to yourself will ensure that you don’t get dragged into thoughts and a words that you will regret. It gives you time to think before you open your mouth.

We are not suggesting for one moment that you change your personality and become an apathetic person who is happy to let the world go by. The world needs people who are focussed on success and want to achieve all they can in their lifetime. All we are saying is that this method is a way of recharging your batteries. It stops you from getting overloaded and exploding or draining your batteries to such an extent that you damage yourself and make yourself ill. This is an aid memoir to assist you to strive on.

It is a way of giving yourself what you need to be successful in the world. When all appears to be against you. When you don’t know which way to turn. When you find you are out of control. When you are about to reach for yet another drink to get you through the day. Stop. Go inside and just listen. Please.

Graham and Julie
Graham And Julie
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