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How Much Money Do You Make? By Walter H Groth

That is probably the question most people are interested in. This is especially true in the corporate environment but also in society as such. But at the same time people just don’t want to talk about it openly because it is a very sensitive topic. And yet we should ask this question far more often. Why’s that?

When digging deep into this subject and doing the research properly you will find astonishing things. Whether you thought that the amount of money is related to your level of education you got, or to your efficiency, or to your experience, or to your years in the job, our to your relationship with your boss, or to the people you know, or sheer luck (if you believe in luck…I don’t), etc. you will find that all these issues are not really relevant. Quite a number of people have already come to this conclusion and I am just one of them.

It is our inner world that creates the outer results, our belief system and our conditioning. Look at the wealthiest people around they just believe that all the wealth will come to them. And now look at the poor people and their beliefs. Both groups are getting exactly what they are focusing on!

What creates our world is the power of our thoughts. What we are focusing on becomes real for us. And each of us has a different reality and is experiencing a different truth. If you look at it from a scientific view you’ll find the proven fact that our physical eyes for example are only capable to receive about 8% of the information available. That means we are missing more than 90% of it. And now this information is processed in our brain, compared with our belief system, our conditioning, our past experiences, etc. and each pixel which doesn’t match will be taken out and replaced by our brain. Our brain gets the “replacement pixels” out of the memory and by the way cannot distinguish between memory and “seen facts”. Our mind is making it up and you are getting a picture which perfectly fits our world view but no the one of others. That is the reason why it is so pointless to fight over different points of view.

And here is a quote for you from Frank Outlaw:

Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny!

Knowing that and based on the information out there in so many different books about positive thinking, self motivation or the power of affirmations you might believe that you could easily recondition your mind. Based on my experience that is a hard thing to do. It is definitely not enough to just stand in front of your mirror and repeat let’s say “I am a wealthy person!” because at the same time your thoughts are flowing out with the message that you don’t have wealth. So nothing happens or maybe it becomes worse because of the underlying effect that you are reinforcing with your thoughts your lack thereof.

You created in your sub consciousness the life situation you are in right now. Your sub conscious mind works like your auto pilot steering you along the “pre-programmed” direction. You might say that there is free will and by your sheer will power you will able to change your life direction. Now look back: Each time you did that it took quite some force to overcome your inner resistance and eventually you gave on it and back you were on auto pilot. Don’t believe me, just look at your results you obtained and where you are at right now.

You do not need additional lecture or seminars on motivation, you do not need more of these positive thinking work shops, you do not need to learn more affirmations, and you don’t need to order your stuff at the universe! Don’t get me wrong, these tools are all fun to use and I believe you learn something in each and every lecture or seminar! Just ponder this: “If what you are looking for would be where you are looking for it, chances are that you would have found it by now!” Or as Albert Einstein phrased it: “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

You have already everything you need to succeed and you also possess the key to it! It is your body, mind and spirit! You decide where to direct your awareness; you decide what to bring into your consciousness and what to focus on. In order to do so you just have personally grow by raising your consciousness to higher levels. Why don’t you try out the following today: Instead of concentrating what you don’t have, start enjoying what you have: your health, your performance, what you now earn, the beauty around you, etc. It’s about living in the here and now! The past is over and you can’t change it and the future has not yet arrived. The only thing you are in control of is the moment of now!

Embrace what you have and be open, really open to the opportunities showing up in your life! Don’t be stubborn expecting that an opportunity has to come in the way you imagined it! There are infinite possibilities how you can have prosperity, abundance and wealth in your life! The more open you are and the more you enjoy what you have will get you in the long run more of what you dreamt about!

Walter H. Groth
Institute for Life and Career Transition

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