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Hints On Writing Articles.

What will you write about?

Writer's block.

It happens to all of us at some time.

There are a number of ways of overcoming this problem. This is one that works for me.

The first thing that I need is an eye catching headline. That should not be a problem.

Log on to the internet and go to one of the article distribution companies. I use 'iSnare' http://www.isnare.com for the simple reason that is where I submit most of my articles but there are loads of others that are probably just as good.

Look down the list of articles until the headline of one of them jumps out at you. Or perhaps intrigues you and makes you want to read more.

STOP. Do not read the article. Close down the program and open your favourite word-processor.

Using the headline from above, write an article to suit that headline.

It will not be difficult. You already have the main idea. The first sentence, as usual should elaborate upon the headline. From there, it is up to you.

Before you know it, you are in full flow and the article almost writes itself.

When you are finished, go back and read the original article whose headline gave you the incentive. Don't be surprised to find that the two articles are entirely different from one another. They are both unique.

Now go back to your own article and make a substantial change to your headline. Ideas are not copyrighted. THE WRITTEN WORD IS.

Provided you do not infringe another person's copy-right you now have a fool-proof way of composing articles whenever you feel the urge to.

Go on. Write an article. Get lots of new leads. Sell a lot of goods. Make a lot of money.


P.S. Don't forget to write a good by-line including your URL to go with it.
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