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Young Leader

Leadership knocks me first when I have decided to be one of the aspiring cadet officer of our campus Preparatory Military Training I. From the first day I attended the Flight formation of some fifty aspirants I decided myself to give all my efforts for our campus military organization.

The first step is my interview with the incumbent cadet officers, I done many stupid things for a single signature of my superiors. Then after that I have my interview to our Commandant, he is a sergeant of Phillipine Air Force, but I did my best to prove to him that I am deserving to become one of his officers. Then, after that I need to be more stupid, following every request my superiors says, I actually don't know how to dance but I dance, I don't know how to sing but I sing, I don't know how to make them laugh but I do, to the point that I almost let them treat as a pet. But those are just part of a more difficult task of an aspiring leader, I need to be in the campus thirty minutes before the flag ceremony, to do what I call the "janitor's task". After the flag ceremony, I will report to our headquarters and most of the time given a fifty pumpings or push ups, because some of our subordinates do not accomplished their task. It is natural because in military we practice what they call noe for all, all for one! That's how to be a servant without a payslip.

At certain point, I keep asking why should I do such things to become a good leader, then I almost plan to quit my chosen school organizations. But, one thing that keep me in the track is when our Wing Corps Commander tells how she had work hard for her to become one of the high ranking officer of the corps. She tolds me that I has the potentials to become a good lesder, she stresses to me and my subordinates that the things we sre doing is just a dot of what they experienced. then after thst open forum, that's how it call in our organization. I put myself in the right track, I dedicated myself to the military organizations. I become one of the best aspiring officer of our group. I also manage to encourage my subordinate to give all efforts for the school's military arm.

Then, school year ended, it's time for our superiors to take their final bow. Unluckily, I do not manage to got any military awards during our PMT Graduation. But that event gave me a goal to become one of the prestigious Wing Staff.

After our two weeks of training, we are all cadet officers in command. And this the true test of my leadership skills, I am designated as Air Group Commander, managing all the boys of fourth year. At first I had hard times at them, but I use the best weapon for them, words it is. I talked to them and persuade them to follow our orders. Luckily my plan works. Many challenges came but I manage all of them. I used my mind for the drills and my heart for my cadets. One factor of leadership is that you must never put yourselyf ahead of them just be one of them.

But, the most uncertain problem of our group is when things go wrong with our Corps Commander, our commandant reshuffles us, putting me in the second highest rank, I am designated as Deputy Wing Commander. A more complicated tasks, but nothing change for me I just continue what I started and some other responsibilities came. I manage to be one of the best cadet officer of our school, garnering five major awards, I really proud of it.

Thinking and remembering all of these things there are three ways of being a good leader. First, leader must be a servant of his group, second, use our mind and heart, lastly, love everything that is part of you.
Don Emmanuel Nolasco
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