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Goal Achievement and Success By Paul Jerard

There is not much difference between the two, except that goals can be short-term or long-term. However, success is the result of a “well planned” achievement campaign. So, you have to establish your priorities, in order to realize success. You don’t want to spend too much time daydreaming, or in frustration, over a long-term goal, until you have overcome the smaller hurdles, in the way.

The first task to take up is planning your goals. Whether you write them down or put them on a computer doesn’t matter, as long as you realize, your plan will evolve. Remember the saying, “This is not carved in stone.” If you keep this in mind you will be able to adapt your plan to the world around you, and “turn on a dime,” when you have to.

In fact, you must expect change. The universe is ever changing and in constant movement. Think about the movement at the sub-atomic level. We have electrons swirling around us at the infinitely small level. At the same time, the planets, stars, and galaxies are also moving.

So how can you expect your life to remain in the same position or go according to plan. Whether you are having a good or bad day, life will change for better or for worse. So, be flexible in your plans, and be ready to adapt, without notice.

Writing or typing your goals down, also allows you to envision them. I recently listened to Joel Osteen mention a principle that we must all live by. He said, “ You have to enlarge your vision.” If you learn anything from this page, you must live by these words.

What ever you think in your mind, and feel in your heart, will become reality. If you are going to create your own reality, please make sure it is a good one. Also, know that your goals must create passion from within and know in your heart that you really want it. As a side note on this point, it also helps if your goal is helpful to mankind and moral.

Find positive, hard working, and committed people, to share your dreams with. They should have all of those qualities and be trustworthy too. This is called a support group or a “mastermind” group. The old saying, “Two heads are better than one,” applies to this principle.

You will never be sorry, if you choose a group wisely. Everyone has strength and a weakness, but a group can use different thinkers, to its advantage, and become more powerful in, and of, itself. When things are not going according to plan, this can become a support group and work collectively on damage control, while “staying on track.”

Lastly, staying on track, toward the goal, is the key. Success might not happen overnight, but if you take progressive steps forward, and persevere, success will be, “right around the corner.”

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