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Five Innovative Ways To Get The Word Out About Your Web Site

Finding innovative and unique ways to distribute information about your product or service is the key to success on the Internet. Here are five ways to help you increase your success.

1. Directory Linking

Create separate directories for each topic on your web site. No more than 25 -- the major search engines will bounce you out or black list you if you have more than 25 on any one page. A few years back, the search engines didn't make this distinction, however, now they do.

Always request that your web site be listed on other people's web site. All they can do is say no. However, they might say yes. Design a template e-mail for this request. You can do so in a "signature" as well as in Outlook.

Have a few different sizes of directly linking paragraphs available for quick submissions.

2. Bonus Advertising or Exchange

Do you have a product or service that doesn't sell well?

Let others add it to their offers as a bonus. Offer it as a freebie for someone else's product or service.

Create a template e-mail that others can use to cut and paste into their e-mail or broadcast system to send out to their subscribers. Goal -- make it as easy as possible on the receiver to propel the information to their lists.

3. Trade Autoresponder Space With Other Businesses

Find others who send out information with autoresponders. Exchange ad space. You will want to keep the product or service exchange to noncompetitive or complimentary to your product.

You can agree to exchange top, bottom or middle space.

Let's say you send out articles via autoresponders. Add their ad in between the article.

If you are an affiliate, add a sales pitch and link into the various articles. Keep the number down to one or two ads per article. That is if you want people to keep requesting more articles.

4. Voice Mail Tip Line (This is my favorite!)

Start a free quick tip line. Offer a daily, weekly, or monthly tip on your services or products through your telephone voice mail system.

Some people change their message daily as to their availability. If daily, create enough for five days a week for three months. That is a total of 60 quick tips. After the three months, start the segment all over again.

Add an ad for an upcoming event or the next place of your speaking engagement.

Quick tips are best though. People will leave more messages and you will not feel guilty about letting the phone call go to voice mail.

5. Content Swap

Exchange articles or other content with other web sites. Who are the gatekeepers for your business? Find their web sites, exchange articles.

You could trade articles, top ten lists, etc. Both parties could include a resource box at the end of the content.

If you know of their service or product personally, write a two-liner testimonial.
Catherine Franz
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