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Katie and Maddie are always together they often go home together but when Katie’s boyfriend Alex asked them to take them home Maddie always steps aside so that the two could be alone. Maddie also have a boyfriend named John. Sometimes John takes her home. They are studying at New York University taking up Medicine. Katie’s boyfriend, Alex, is also taking up medicine. One day while Katie and Maddie are on their way home they passed Rev’s group who is standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus. Rev is their school’s basketball ace player and he is a very handsome guy. He is also an intelligent one and he has a secret that nobody even his closest friends know it. Rev saw them and smiled naughtily.
“Hi there beautiful, wanna go out with me?” He said smiling at Katie.
“Never! I’ll never date a jerk like you!” Katie replied sarcastically.
“Why I’m a hundred times better than your boyfriend. In fact I’m the hottest guy in school and I’m the ace player of the school’s basketball team.” He said breezily.
“Stop that Rev! Don’t bother us. Alex is a good man. And you’re wrong ALEX IS a hundred times better than you and not YOU are a hundred times better than him!” Maddie said helping her friend.
“Shut up you dork I’m not talking to you! I wonder why John liked a girl like you. He has no taste. Yuck!” Rev and his friends all laughed hysterically.
“Now stop it Rev. You always tease us why not try to change it will be good for you. I promise!” Katie said mockingly.
Alex’ meeting is now finished he then hurried to go home hoping to catch up with Katie and Maddie. He saw them arguing with Rev and his group. Seeing the commotion he hurried to Katie.
“Is there anything wrong Katie?” Alex asked while approaching them.
“Nothing Alex let’s just go home. Don’t mind him.” Katie replied.
“Is this guy bothering you?” he asked.
“Katie’s right Alex, don’t mind this good-for-nothing guy.” Maddie told Alex.
When the three turned to go to Alex’ car Rev and his friends laughed then Rev said.
“Go on Matt! Obey your girlfriend. Be a nice guy. You’re no better than a dork!” Rev’s group laughed hysterically. It’s like Alex’ sight darkened and he attacked Rev he punched him in the face and Rev punched him too. The two continued fighting until Katie stopped them.
“Stop it! Alex c’mon….. I said c’mon.” Katie shouted while pulling Alex.
“I said stop it! Alex. Let’s go!” The two stopped and Alex left with Katie and Maddie.
“You’ll pay for this Alex Matt!” Rev shouted angrily.

The three went on when they arrived in front of the ice cream shop Maddie went down the car and went inside the shop and met his boyfriend. The two were alone. When they arrived at Katie’s home Alex pulled over and they went down. They went to the living room and Katie went to the bathroom to get the first aid kit.
“Oh honey! I told you not to mind him! Now I feel so guilty seeing that you bruised your handsome face.” She said sadly.
“It’s okay; remember I vowed to protect you no matter what! And I don’t mind bruising my face a hundred times just to protect you.” He said sweetly.
“Oh how sweet.”
“I love you so much Katie that even I have to give up everything I have just to make you safe and be with you I will.” He said seriously.
“I know. That’s why I love so much too.” She replied. Then they kissed. They kissed for a long time, then, Alex pulled away gently and he smiled. He hugged her tightly and whispered “I love you!” Then they heard a knock on the door. It’s Katie’s mom Marissa. Marissa invited Alex to join them for dinner. After dinner, the two studied together then after that Alex drove home. At exactly 6:30am, Alex fetched Katie for school.
“Hon, don’t wait for me I’ll be going home late because I have my student council meeting at 3:30 pm then I have my basketball practice at 4:00 pm.” He said.
“Ok. But you must call me when you got home ok?”
“Of course!”
“Let’s go to our class now.” Alex said.
After class Alex said goodbye to Katie then Katie went home. She’s alone because Maddie and John have a date. She passed the corridor and she saw Rev.
“Hey what’s up?” He asked.
“Nothing.” She replied flatly.
“Why are you alone? Where’s your boyfriend?”
“None of your business.”
“Oh yeah! He’s also one of the basketball players. I’m sorry I forgot. It’s just that he’s not one of the best players like me. He’s just a bench warmer.” He said teasing her. Then he laughed.
“Stop insulting my boyfriend.”
“I just don’t get it why you liked……..”
“Leave me alone, will you?” She shouted. Then he left laughing. He’s so annoying why he can’t just leave her alone. That night while waiting for Alex’ call she studied and finished her lessons. Then at 9:00 the phone rang.
“Hello, Williams’s residence?” She said answering the phone.
“Hi sweetie it’s me, Alex.”
“So what happened?”
“Everything went out just fine and you know what? I’m one of the starting players and I’ll be the point guard.” He declared happily.
“Oh that’s great!”
“So, how about you? How’s your afternoon?”
“Well everything turned out be fine except that when Rev showed up.”
“Is this the guy I fought the other day? Is he bothering you again?”
“Yes, he’s the one. But it’s okay he’s just teasing me.”
“So what’s your plan for tomorrow?”
“Oh yeah for our 3rd year anniversary. I don’t know you decide.”
“Well, why don’t we just eat at our favorite restaurant then let’s go to the park.”
“That’s a wonderful idea!”
“So I’ll fetch you at 7:00 pm tomorrow?”
Then when Alex hung up Katie dialed Maddie’s number and asked her to go with her to the mall to buy something for Alex. They agreed to meet at Katie’s house at 11:00 am. Katie saw a pair of beautiful bracelet so she bought one for Alex and the other for her. She also bought a beautiful pink sleeveless dress and a pair of matching sandals. They arrived home at 3:00 pm and Maddie helped her to get ready. Maddie put a make up on her face while her mom, made her hair. Oh she’s so stunning. The pink dress suits her well with the sandals. Her mom made her hair pulled back and left a few left for some style. Maddie did a perfect job on her face. She put only a little make up that emphasized all Katie’s assets. At 6:30 Katie is ready Maddie excused herself and went home. Katie and her mom chatted until they heard a knock on the door. Her mom answered the door and it’s Alex. Marissa called her daughter and Katie immediately went down. When she saw him she felt an urge to kiss him. He looks so stunning with his white long sleeves and a pair of formal black pants. He held a bouquet of pink roses. He escorted her to his car and said their goodbyes to Marissa. They went to their favorite restaurant and dined after that their favorite song is played and Alex asked her to dance. They danced gracefully. When the song ended they went back to their seat and paid their bill. They went to the park and stayed at Alex’ car.
“Happy 3rd anniversary honey and this is for you.” He showed her a beautiful necklace with a heart pendant made with diamond.
“Oh Alex this is so beautiful.” She said embracing Alex.
“Do you like it?”
“’Course I do. Well, Alex this is for you.” She handed him the bracelet.
“I bought this” she continued “especially for you and I also have a bracelet like that.” She said shyly.
“That’s great!”
Alex hanged the necklace on Katie’s neck and Katie also hanged the bracelet on Alex’ wrist.
“I now take this bracelet that you’ve given as a symbol of my commitment to you. I will take responsibility to anything that will happen to you from now on.” Alex said.
“Oh Alex!”
Alex hugged her tightly. They kissed deeply, sweetly then Alex pulled gently. While Alex is kissing her she felt so happy. She knew that this man is the right for her. This man is the love of her life!
“It’s getting late now. I promised your mom to take you home before 11:30 pm and it’s already 11:00.” He said. He saw the disappointment on her face so he continued. “I have to fulfill my promise or your mom will get mad at me and ban me in your house. Do you want that to happen?”
“Well… no but….. Ok!”

He saw them dining happily. He’s so jealous. If only he could be her man. He loved her dearly. But he can’t be with her. Why doesn’t she want him, he’s better than that guy? But she loves him. But why? He’s deeply hurt. He vowed: “If ever that guy hurt the love of my life I will comfort her make her feel she’s not alone Even if it meant giving everything that I have.”

Months have passed and their relationship grew stronger. It’s their graduation day. After two years they are still together. They are now both successful doctors. Not a day would pass that they can’t talk to each other even in the phone. One day, Alex called her.
“Hello hon. are you busy?” He asked.
“No. Not at all. Why?” She said
“I just want to ask you about our anniversary tomorrow. So what’s your plan?”
“Well I’m not sure. You can decide anything. It’s okay to me.”
“Okay so I think we’ll just dine at a French cuisine.”
“That would be great!”
“So bye for now. I have a patient to visit.” He said.
“Ok. Bye”
When Alex hung up she immediately went outside to see if she has a patient for tomorrow night, when she saw that there is none she was relieved. Alex fetched her at the hospital at 7:00 pm and went to the restaurant. After the dinner…
“Uhmm…. Katie there’s uhmm… something that I want to tell you.” He breathed.
“What is it?” She asked curiously.
“Well, we’ve been together for 5 years well uhmm…. We have proved that we realy are in love with each other and uhmm… that we really care for each other well uhmm….. What I really wanted to tell you is that uhmm… I want to be with you forever. So Katie will you marry me?” He asked seriously.
Katie was shocked she didn’t know what to say. But she felt an unexplainable happy feeling. It’s as if she wanted to shout, to jump for joy and tell him that she will. She didn’t know what to say.
“Well if you’re sill not ready. I can wait.” He said partly sad.
“Oh Alex what made you think that I won’t? Of course I will marry you! I love you with all my life and I want to spend my life loving you.” She said happily.
“I just thought that you don’t want because you looked shocked.”
“It is only because I’m so happy that I didn’t know what to say or do.”
“I love you Katie. I love you so much.”
“I love you too Alex.” Then they kissed. Alex drove Katie home. From that day, their relationship grew stronger than ever. Everything went out to be fine but one day…
“OHHHHHH!!!!!!! It hurts MMMMMOOOOOMMM!”Alex screamed.
“What’s happening dear?” She asked while approaching his son.
“Mom, my head it hurts so badly. I can’t take it!” he said painfully.
“Hang on son, I’ll just get my keys and I’ll bring you to the hospital.”
Mrs. Matt rushed her son to the hospital. The doctors advised her to confine Alex for a few days so they could detect what’s the matter with him. Mrs. Matt called Katie and she rushed to the hospital. She always goes there to visit Alex. On the third day of Alex’ stays in the hospital, after Katie left; the doctors approached Alex and his mom.
“I have a very bad news for the two of you.” The doctor said.
“What is it?” Mrs. Matt asked.
“We’ve detected that your son has a brain tumor. We are promising to do whatever we can.” The doctors declared sorrowfully. His mom cried when the doctors left. The next day Katie visited him.
“So is there any developments now?” She asked.
“Well, the doctors said that it’s only over fatigue and I can get out here in a matter of days.” He replied.
“Well, if that’s what they’ve said then it’s ok.” She said. She knew that something’s wrong but why wouldn’t he tell her? Maybe, there really is nothing wrong, anyway Alex won’t lie to her. Wouldn’t he? Oh she’s just being paranoid.

Alex thought of what will happen if he died. He will not tell Katie about it. He will marry her. At least he will live his last days with the love of his life. And he’ll die caring for her. Yes, he will do that.

When he got out of the hospital they immediately planned their marriage. They set the date, the reception and the honeymoon. In a month they will be married. They’re both happy. In a month they will be married! They purchased the best wedding gown the boutique can offer and bought a pair of gold ring as their wedding ring. Everything was set.
“Haven’t we forgotten anything?” Katie asked.
“Relax you’ll be stressed out if you keep acting like that. And then the wedding will be canceled because the bride is stressed.” He joked. They both laughed at that.

The wedding day arrived. All their loved ones are there even Maddie and John who are now happily married. Maddie and John have two daughters now and another on the way. Everybody was tensed but that wasn’t for long because the bridal car arrived on time. After the ceremony they proceeded to the hotel for the reception and after a few hours the couple excused themselves for their honeymoon. They flew to Paris and they stayed there for 3 weeks after that they went back to New York to continue their life now as a couple.

Alex went to a mall to buy something for his wife when suddenly his head ached badly and his sight is blurring. All his medications are in his car. If only he could make it there. When he is about to open the door of his car his sight was darkened and he’s unconscious. Luckily a man saw him and rushed him to the hospital. The doctors called Katie and she rushed to the hospital. When she arrived there Alex is now conscious. The doctors told her about the man who helped Alex.
“What happened to you?” She asked.
“I felt a little dizzy then I was unconscious then I can’t remember anything. I don’t even know how I get here.”
“A man saw you unconscious beside his car and rushed you here.”
“I want to thank this man. Where is he?”
“I haven’t met him too. The nurse said that he went out for lunch and he’ll be back soon.”
“Oh Katie, I love you so much!”
“I love you too. Alex…”before she could say anything Alex kissed her in the lips. She felt so alive. They didn’t notice the doctor entered.
“A-hem!” the doctor said. Katie blushed.
“We’re sorry we didn’t notice you doc.” She blushed.
“It seems so; well sorry to interrupt you I just want to introduce to you the man who saved you.” He said looking at Alex. He opened the door and a man of about six feet tall entered.
“This is Mr. Rev Stan.” The doctor continued.
“So I see that you two married.” Rev said.
“I’ll just excuse myself now.” the doctor said.
“So how are you Rev?” Alex asked.
“Well, I’m an executive of a computer company.” He replied.
“That’s great! You’re now a successful man” Alex said.
“So are you married?” Katie asked smiling.
“No. I’m still single. I don’t even have a girlfriend.” He said looking at the floor.
“I have to excuse myself now. I need to go back to work.” Rev continued.
“I have to go too hon, I have a patient at the hospital.” Katie said.
“Well, okay.”
“I’ll be back tonight. Bye.” Katie said
“I’ll just drop you at the hospital if you would like.” Rev offered.
“That’s right Katie. I’ll be calmer to think that Rev will drop you off to the hospital.” Alex said.
“Well, okay.” The two left. Then the doctor went inside Alex’ room again.
“Mr. Matt, I’m afraid that you’re condition is turning from bad to worst and there’s nothing we could do.” The doctor said.
“Are you sure doc? How long would I be still living?”
“More or less a year and a half.”
Alex grew silent. He made a plan on his mind that before he dies he will find a man who will take care of Katie. When he got out of the hospital, Rev often visits them or sometimes invites them to dine outside. They found out that Rev has changed a lot. From a guy who always tease Katie to a responsible man. Alex realized that Rev is the man that he’s looking for. He always makes himself busy and make sure that Katie and Rev will be together. The two became close friends. Rev fetches Katie to the hospital whenever Alex called him that he can’t fetch her.

Alex called for his attorney to talk about his property. He told him about his situation. He left ¾ of his property to Katie and the remaining is to be given to the charity. He made a letter that will be given to Katie and Rev on the day of their wedding, if ever they would be married. He inserted the bracelet that Katie gave him 3 years ago in the letter .Everything was set, he said to himself. There’s nothing to worry about.

One day while Katie and Alex are home watching TV Alex’ had his worse attack. Katie rushed him to the hospital. He was comatose for a few days then the doctor decided to tell her about Alex. She cried so hard. She called Rev.
“Rev, the doctors just told me that Alex is dying. He has a brain tumor.” She said crying.
“Calm down, God has mercy. He will help us. He will heal Alex.”
With these words Katie calmed down and she prayed always with Rev. After a week Alex is conscious and explained everything to Katie. After a month Alex died. Katie felt that her whole world collapsed she had a hard time recovering but with Rev on her side she felt more secured and safe. She recovered soon. She and Rev are always together and developed feelings for each other. After a year Rev, revealed his feelings for Katie but Katie told him that she’s not ready to have another commitment yet. Rev understands her and he waited. Three years have passed and nothing has changed.

One day, Rev asked him to go with her to a church. In that sacred place he asked her to marry him and she finally agreed. After 2 months their wedding day came. When they kissed everyone was so happy for both of them especially for Katie for she has recovered from the tragedy that happened to her. After the reception Alex’ attorney approached them and gave them the letter that Alex wrote for them. The letter says:

Dear Katie and Rev,
Best Wishes to both of you! I know that this would happen and I’m so glad that what I want to happen really happened.
For Katie, always take care of yourself and be strong. I know you’re a strong woman and can handle everything. Always remember that I love you so much.
For Rev, I want you to love Katie more than the way I did. Take care of her. Fulfill all the promises that I left her. I know that you love her ever since we’re still in college.
You’re right I planned all of this. Before I die I promised to find a guy that will love you more than the way I did. I found Rev a responsible and strong man. Now I may rest, knowing that I have fulfilled my last mission.

Love Always,

Alex Matt

Katie found the bracelet and handed it to Rev. The two lived happily they had a son whom they named Alex. Rev’s secret is that he loves Katie even though they were still in college. He never told anyone because he knows that he has no chance to be her man because of Alex. He always follows the two when they have a date.
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