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Success in Failing Successfully By Sri Nachimuthu

Success is a word, which is more liked and sought for by everyone in the world, whereas failure is viewed as more dreaded one and people want to avoid it. But basically success or failure has an impact as such, on how it is defined and understood. Success is generally defined as the achievement or accomplishment of a task i.e. only the end result is seen and not the means through which it is attained. Success can beautifully be defined as the ‘Succession of successful days’.

Success actually is an outcome of short-term obstacles; set backs/failures and more than success it is failures that offer us a gift of learning. So failure can thus be defined as an unexpected, short-term result that challenges our progress and that which provide disguised opportunities for learning and development. Failure is often considered as a misfortune, rather as the seeds for tomorrow’s greatest success. Such a positive frame of mind ability to see the magnificent in the minimal and developing a vision of seeing the huge banyan tree (success) remaining dormant and recessive in a small seed is necessary. Failure is not a defeat, but it is a chance or evidence to prepare oneself for a change or improvement. When there is no failure or error in life, there will be no change/correction and when there is no change/correction, there is no learning and there is no increase or improvement in performance. Thus successful failure is the failure that provides more learning and serves as the foundation for future success. Success is not really in how high we go up in life, but how many times we bounce back when we fall down. So one should always remember that success is just 1% that results from 99% of what we call as failures. Success cannot be achieved overnight and the basic formula for success according to me is being HAAPPPY i.e.

H- Honesty
A-Attitude (Positive)
Y-Yearning to succeed.

It is not always necessary that we should try to be a man of success; the main aim of all of us should be rather becoming men of value, which will eventually lead to a happy, healthy and harmonious living.

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